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Time to turn up the HTC Sensation back to its owner

Recent stupid incident which happened during an event gave me an opportunity to do a review on the HTC Sensation phone and I am telling you that I would have not asked for anything better because having to use that phone for two weeks was seriously heaven! I wish I could have held it for a longer period.

Not to drag this post so much because I am kind of running to finish three more delayed post. *I've become somewhat lazy and can't find the time to manage myself with all these abundant of task. All of the assignments,  term-paper writing (which had stop operating over one week already), and juggling between having to stay indoor or go hang out with CZL.*

But again, let's not drag this post. I finally had the opportunity to go and check out Nuffnang's office when I was finally returning the phone. I had to admit, navigating to their office is not an easy task as their office is actually quite deep into the city region and if you all know KL very well, you would understand how the traffic and road conditions are. Be it that you might get stuck in the endless traffic, or got lost in the twists and turns of the roads in KL.

But, after that one time I explored the GPS system on my Blackberry, we managed to navigate our way to Heritage House, where Nuffnang office resides!

Although at first I thought that when I got there, I only had to return the phone, sign a few papers, and they'd ask me to leave. But surprisingly, Anne told me that I can go scour around and take a look at the office. Wow, that was kind of them. Although I actually had the intention to check the place out because when I read on other bloggers experience being there, it looked quite chic and awesome. 

Everything was so ORANGE and fresh. Although I didn't check out the back room where all the tech teams are, I was already satisfied just being able to check it out. And there I found the Nuffnang wall, where a lot of post-it notes are stamped by a number of bloggers who had the chance to came.

Some of them, I could recognize such as Diese, Rayyan, and Ruby. And some of them are just purely creative. Unlike mine though. Below!

And as they even tagged along, Anne told Mien and Bear that they could also leave a note too.

And of course, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to take a picture with the overall board. Macam budak2 lah pulak kan???

Thanks Anne, for being so sweet that day.

After we finish dilly-dallying at the Nuffnang office, it's time to bid farewell, and find somewhere to eat. Yes, we were hungry because we had not eaten since morning (for them) and from that afternoon (for me. Since I woke up around 12pm). I asked them of where to eat and Bear insisted that we eat rice. I was seriously shocked to the suggestion because it's not like we're in Unisel that we had to resort into eating rice. There are TONS of food selection in KL, and please don't tell me that you want to eat Nasi Campur with all the plethora of foods in the middle of KL.

I told him, if he really wanted to eat rice dishes, then it's best that we find something like it, but not Nasi Campur. I deject that thinking because even if he still wants to eat rice, there are tons of other rice-type dishes to choose from. And because he actually suggested a mamak place which was just in front of the Heritage House. Okay, I'm not saying that that place is not good, but please.... we are in KL. Please do not resort to those places. And so I suggested to him to try Pepper Lunch, if he still insists on eating rice.

We went to Pavilion for it. Because I also had the intention to go the Starbucks, and Jco's because I had the cravings for doughnut too.

Not to say that they were overwhelmed with the choices of food that Pepper Lunch provides, but rather they were fascinated by the concept of eating there where you sizzle and fizzle, and cook your dish, your style. With the customization of whether you like your meat to be well done, medium rare, or whether you would like to cook your meat and veggies with the sauces available: Garlic Soy Sauce, and Honey Brown Sauce.

Truth be said, I actually also like the way the foods are served there. They bring you all the ingredients for your dish in a sizzling hot plate (really really sizzling hot), so that you can cook your foods, your own way. Customize it yourself. If you like your food to be more western, then add some more salt and pepper to it, add garlic soy sauce if you're feeling like Asian, bathe your meat with Honey Brown Sauce if you like your food to taste oriental and unique. It is all up to your taste.

Mien actually ordered the special Spaghetti Bolognaise promotion dishes, with cheese.  

Taste? Excellent. And the sausages that come along with it is plentiful in the mouth and delicious.

Bear ordered the Beef Sukiyaki set. Soba, Veggies, Tofu, and delicious shredded beef.

Knowing that dish, I'd know it to be good. But what makes it even better was the right amount of customization that Bear did on his dish. A dash of soy sauce, some pepper, and a generous amount of honey brown sauce, mix it well with the original sizzling sauce inside the hot plate, and it was supreme.

For myself, I had fell in love with the original Pepper Lunch dish, the fried rice itself, I did not ordered anything else. Besides, if I wanted to know what the other would taste like, I'd just ask from them. I like my fried rice to be salty and sweet at the same time. I know it is really not a good combination but it fits my taste buds perfectly.

After that, we hit both Starbucks and Jco's to get the things that I want and it was off to Unisel back we went. And that was more or less like it what happened on the day that I went to send back the HTC phone.

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  1. I am going to pepper lunch after reading this lol~


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