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Motif berjalan lagi nampak dari buat assignment

Who would've guessed that I'd be visiting Semukhsin back. Well, not for leisure, but for business. Man, that's cheesy. It's not like I'm on an official business, I'm just doing my Educational Admin assignment. A big project on a reflective essay about a leadership. Our purpose was to interview all of the great leaders of education, narrowing it down, our lecturer asked us to interview school's principal instead.

Having to know the teachers and the principal of Semukhsin well, I thought that there'd be no other better suggestion than to do an interview there. Along with meeting up with some of the teachers there. Although I hate to admit that I did miss the school, I never actually missed my students. Now, that is plain cruel, non?

But really, our visit there was so short that we did not went venturing around, chatting up with teachers and all because we had some time restriction due to the limited availability of the principal. 

After the interview, we did not waste any time at all and left the school. Why? We were already damn hungry and Lim had been waiting for us to go for lunch. Yeah, by the time we finished our business at the school, it was almost lunch hour. Though we didn't have much choice of where to eat in Semenyih, we opted to go eat at the Old Town in Tesco because everyone was dreading for some air-conditioned restaurants.

But before we eat, all of us parted ways for a while, getting what we need first. Nanie and KY went to some clothing boutique because Nanie wanted to buy some outfit while CZL and Lim went around looking and found some awesome, beautiful shoes. Me? I went to the game booth to find the Alice: Madness Returns Xbox game, suggested by Afiq.

Once everyone's business was over, it's time to hit Old Town and finally fill our stomach.

Whoa, that was such a filling meal as I haven't eaten Old Town for a long time already! I missed how much I always go to Old Town with Myra and just hang there for hours and hours, just talking while taking small bites of our food.

Before we part ways with Lim, he wanted to take us to another place in Semenyih which is also a tourist attraction besides Broga Hill.

If I wasn't mistaken it was named as Kong's Temple.

Though we didn't actually took pictures of the Temple and all of the statues inside, there are places for sightseeing, such as the beautiful valley views from atop one of those hills and also a steep hanging bridge, connecting from one small hill to another.

While KY and I were fascinated with the hanging bridge, taking pictures and all, CZL and Lim went to pray, while Nanie stood by the end of the bridge, fearing the heights. But we weren't long there too because it the weather was extremely hot and I swear I could faint in those heat.

We dropped Lim off at his house and on to our final destination for the day. Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Honestly, I've never been to the place. I've always heard from others that Alamanda is not a cool place and all but after some time hanging around that place that day, I found out that it is actually a very cool place. Half-pavilion-like, and half-midvalley-like. You could only afford to shop at some of the shops here if you got tons of cash to burn, and some you could afford normally. It's more of an average place. Choice of dining and relaxation location too is not bad. Although it can't compete to the variety of One Utama or the urban chic like Pavilion does, it has a certain charm to it.

We went to both Watsons and Guardians to check out facial products and play around with make-ups. Ouh monochrome lip colors are very fun to tweak with. Gold, silver and black glitter to the max. Hahahaha!!!!

Then it was time to head to Nicchi, was it?
I forgot the spelling.

Aaah.. I felt envy looking at them checking out outfits.....

After some time checking out clothes and shopping, it was time to chill for the moment.

Relaxation spot?
That would be none other than...

This time around, Ice Signature Chocolate.

Too bad that this outlet's Iced Signature Chocolate tasted weird. Mine was clearly more milk than cocoa and seriously tasted weird. Even CZL's Java Chip tasted weird too. No coffee taste at all. It was somehow too creamy, and tasted more chocolate-y. 

After relaxing, we parted ways because CZL and Nanie wanted to buy different things. So KY followed Nanie, while I followed CZL, walking around Alamanda, checking out the area. Again, as I mentioned like the above, Alamanda is really not such a bad place. They said it's not cool and a place for "orang-orang tua". But I know now, because the only thing lacking here is entertainment. Yes, Alamanda lacks the entertainment factor, but this is what makes it more fun to be in, because there's bound to be less school students prowling about here and there macam takder mak bapak, tunjuk perangai macam hampeh. Oppss!

I think that's it about Alamanda for now. I spoke too much? I think so. But that was more or less about it. After that, we head back to Unisel, but not before having late dinner around 11pm at the Pelangi Restaurant around Bestari Jaya.

And that was the end of our one day outing. Although it started more or less about an assignment, it quickly turned into an outing right the minute everything was done in place.

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  1. weyh ko ingt x date kite pg semenyih??
    27 september is it?? sbb i think i caught speeding at elite! -nanie-


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