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Final Semester : Week 6 & 7

Hmmmm.... how should I do this again?! Oh, I've missed blogging for two weeks already and I'm already getting rusted. Commitment issues, right now. Seriously, I find myself committing into writing, even once in a week was really taking a toll on me. There was just so much for me to do at the hostel rather than just doing nothing at all or ending up spending lots of my time on the net. Facebook, Twitter, and the sorts. But actually, for the past two weeks before classes finally finished, on the 7th week, Zack, Faiz, and I had started job-hunting.

Well, it is already my final semester. I need to start looking for jobs now. So, we ended up looking at the net for lots and lots of job opportunities. There are tons, but most of them are the type of work which I'm not interested in. Especially in administration. While both Zack and Faiz were fine working in the Administrative or Educative line, I, on the other hand, can't agree to their kind of work. I don't like to work in an office, so that crosses administrative work. And I seriously don't like teaching, so, that crosses out education too. So I ended up looking for PR work or publishing, or writing. I did get a free-lancing job though. As a product review writer. Although I'm not complaining about how redundant it is (WHICH REALLY IS TOO REPETITIVE), I don't like the products that I'm reviewing.

Electrical appliances?! Really?! Gadgets and I can't sit in a page, what makes you think electrical appliances even have a chance? So, I stopped writing. It is freelance job, right? By the way, let's get back to the events for both week 6 and 7.

So, classes are getting much more fun, especially for Reading class, but not Edu Admin class though. It's getting pretty tough with all of the theories and other stuffs to memorize and understand for our final exam. Even the classes are getting dull and draggy. So, most of us tend to feel sleepy. But, one hit from those Skittles (picture above), and you'll be sure to get up. It is so sour that it drives you........jittery!

Talking about dull and boring, I still haven't submitted my final draft for my term paper yet because I kept on not being able to see Ms. Eda for consultation. She's always busy. And so I took initiative to finish up all of the chapters first. I went to the library to look up for books to do references and citations for my chapter two. Although it was kind of hard to find books for my research at first, with CZL's and Zack's help, I managed to complete my chapter two. They helped me by finding a lot of academic journals in the internet that had relations to my research. Last week, I submitted all of my Chapters to Ms.Eda, but she haven't contacted me at all to discuss about my term paper. The due date was already past last Monday, 24th October, but I'm scared  that she would fail me. I seriously hope she doesn't. I don't mind getting a C or C- at all, as long as I don't have to do it all over again. Because I'm telling you, I could become CRAZY!

I would like to thank Fifie so damn much for helping my satisfy my cravings for KFC last two weeks. I asked her about it and after some silly bickering, we finally went to the KFC in Ijok. Well, of course. I wouldn't be damn crazy to drive all the way to Kuala Selangor for their KFC though. Thanks, Fifie, a lot.

Talking about thanks, I would also liked to thank to both Madam Khatipah, and the TESL students from Semesters 1A & 1B, for letting me watch their play of Anike, and The Red Kebaya. They did an awesome job. I love how they put so much effort into their acting, props, and other details. Although it's not a grand performance but they did entertain us so much. I loved The Red Kebaya, personally. It was so fun and entertaining.

Before we go down to the final events for this post, before that, I would like to congratulate, all of the graduates that convocated last week. I was able to meet up with lots of my old friends. Back in my Foundation years of course. I missed them dearly and I had wished to hang out with them, but too bad that most of them were on the run to leave unisel with their parents to celebrate. So, I could only take their pictures. But, it really really was nice to see them all again. Here are some of them that I managed to take pictures of.

Seriously, you don't know how much I really missed them. They were amongst those few that I got to know when I first entered Unisel. These friends were the ones that had fun together, enjoyed my company, laughed together, liked me for me, and most of all, they're NON-TESL students. They were the ones that I really really treasured because I can tell you how much FUN I had being friends with them. Although one year of Foundation was really really short, but that one whole year, I had tons of FUN! Real, no-strings-attached FUN! It was just pure bliss. I really regret myself for not keeping in touch with them after I entered degree. I left them all for my classmates. *crying*

On a side note, the one thing that I missed so much after the convocation weekend was the delicious foods! For three whole days of the convocation, I ate these two foods, every single day, two times a day. These were heaven.

I'm a big fan of Ayamas and so I cannot resist myself around Ayamas chickens. They're so tender, so juicy, so oily, so greasy, and so so so sooooooooo yummy!! During the first day, I even bought myself a whole bird of peppered chicken, just for myself. And that was really fulfilling. The other meal was Pizza Hut. Although most of the time, I don't like Pizza Hut's pizza, but the ones that were sold there were delicious because the warmth of the pizza stays long and the dough is really really fluffy and not too chewy. It was delicious. I am for sure that I gained quite some pounds during those weekends because of these two foods.

And finally, on the 19th October 2011, I finally finished all of my classes. And it marks the end of it. Not just the semester, but in fact, the end of all of it. No more classes, no more assignments, no more tests, no more quizzes, no more running late to class, no more lectures, no more playing around in class, no more presentations. NO MORE. I'll talk about the end of ALL OF IT, later on, after my final exam paper. That would really, really mark the end of it. And perhaps, the end of this blog too. 

This picture is the final picture took inside the class. Too bad that I couldn't get any of the other lecturers to take pictures too. I gave up on taking up my classmates' pictures because I know it is futile to do so. And there it is, week 7, marks the end of it. I have about my two to three post left for this blog, and I think I shall end it here. After all, the title of the blog is.........

IT ENDS.......

because once I stepped into the working threshold, there'll be no longer this world of freedom.

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