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Final Semester : Week 5

Last week past around really quickly. Yes, totally. I remembered that the only two days that it went by slowly was on Tuesday and Wednesday where classes was on.

On Monday, Nanie called me asking me out for lunch along with CZL and Lim, and what turned out to be just a lunch invitation suddenly became an outing to e@Curve and Ikea where both Nanie and CZL went shopping. Well, the only good thing about that outing was that I managed to get a taste of what Popeye's really is.

I've seen the outlet before but never had the intention of going there at all because it doesn't really appeal to me. But after seeing what kind of foods that they offer, I can labeled them among the KFC family, by majoring into chicken product with an additional fish products too. What distinct them from KFC was that there are so many choices of chicken and they really majored in fried chicken, cooking them to a perfection. Their whipped potato is by far superior to KFC's whipped potato though. And the side dishes are even much more appealing than what KFC offers. Too bad they don't have something like Cheesy Wedges.... Hahahaha!!!

Okay I mentioned that Tuesday and Wednesday were the only two days that went by slowly was because those were the days that I have classes. This week though, Mr.Sadass suddenly wanted to test us out by giving us flash quizzes and flash tests inside the class where just out of the blue, he gave us questions to do and he wanted us to answer it and pass it back to him for the marks. Scary? Definitely.

Okay, I've never seen myself presenting before because it used to be me that was capturing everything, but the picture above was taken by Ezyan using my camera. I would like to thank her for that because I get to see how do I really look like when I'm presenting in front. Hahahaha!

Like the previous posts before where I mentioned that lately there's an ice-blended booth set up at the cafeteria where students were flocking around to get their beverages, this week, there's another booth set up. This booth's main attraction was the their steamed corns (jagung rebus) and a couple of other snacks such as tidbits and kueh-mueh.

What makes this corn much more unique was because the additional ingredients the owner put in with after the corn was steamed. Like most shops, they would normally put only butter and salt, and sometimes add in a dash of sweetened condensed milk. However the owner of this shop had gone hay-wired and add in lots more ingredients such as lime zest, honey, and uuughhh (I forgot the other ingredient). But the outcome of it was that it tasted weird by the time you get to half of the cup. It's like the differences in the ingredients nature (acidic, alkali, and neutral) is a bad mash-up.

Okay, right after the two days of classes, I went rouge on the social status and became anti-social for four days straight and became unfazed by the social network, even Facebook. I only log in to make sure my status is online and then just left it, like that. I didn't even check up my notifications and everything, I was totally shunning the social networking mode. For the first two days, I was rooted in front of my laptop, watching One Piece.

I did a marathon watching One Piece from the beginning of the story, episode 1, and was hoping to watch until the crew finally gets Nico Robin because I like her. But there was just too much episodes, just imagine, there's like 800++ episodes of the anime and it'll be impossible for me to finish it in time, even if I did not go anywhere and rooted to the laptop all day long. After two days, I finally manages to finish up until 100++ episodes and by that time, the crew had finally reach Alabasta, and that'll be not long before Nico Robin finally joins the crew.

However, on Saturday, I decided to take a break from the marathon and went playing games instead. This time around, I spent the whole day, advancing my Final Fantasy XIII game. I wanted to reach until Chapter 10 where I can finally have the freedom to form my own party without having to use the pre-fixed characters. I wanted to use Vanille so much right now. She's like a replica of Selphie from FFVIII.

and that's basically how last week was spent and all about. Oh yeah, I didn't even went for a walk at all last week. Too busy on CZL's part (assignments, tests, term paper) and I was too lazy. Ah, that reminds me! I still haven't done my Chapter 4 & 5 yet. I best complete it by this week, because by next week, it'll be too late. I still had to consult Ms.Eda whether I need to fix it or edit anything else that's wrong or not.... aiyahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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  1. I wanna watch One piece too! You have the whole episode?


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