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Final Semester : Week 4

Aahhh.............. okay, last week??? 
What fucking happened last week?!!!
Dear Mr. Sadass, 
can you tell me what happened arr last week?!!!

Hahahaha! OMG, last week, there was so many things that happened that I couldn't recall every fucking single detail. Okay, for sure, classes went on as usual, last week, no presentation whatsoever. But on Wednesday, I had overslept because I slept too late the night before and had woken up around 1pm. Logically, that dictates I had missed both of my classes for that day. One in the morning, and the other one, starting around 1pm.

I woke up around 1pm over. Normally, students would just decided to skip it out, but somehow, I got some reality slap and after I saw the time, I quickly bathe, get dressed, and rushed to the class. Thank goodness he wasn't all that angry. And if I hadn't gone to the class that time, I would've missed recording this video.

If I wouldn't know any better, he has this habit of referring us as "cikgu2", just like our previous lecturer, Mr.Rohaizad. And with the recent experience with our noisy classmates, every time he wanted to open his mouth and talk, he would start with, "cikgu dengar...."

It's damn funny, because, if I were to count how many times he said that phrase already, I swear it'd be more than fifty times inside our class. In just four weeks, he had to mention the same phrase for more than fifty times already. And I'm not lying. If you really can see how noisy my classmates are, you'd understand too.

Okay, moving on. This week, I only managed to go for a walk with CZL for just two days, Tuesday and Wednesday as on Thursday, I had other plans, and on Friday, we all went out. Weekend? Don't ask me. That's my relaxation time. XBOX and movie marathon all day long. But main point of telling what's the difference with our venture last week was that we saw tents being set ups in front of the Main Hall. 

They told me that the Foundation students are registering and starting class this week, so last week was registration and orientation. Ouhh.. okay, moving on. Let's talk about the recent heavenly dessert that we came across while stopping by at the previously not-so-popular bakery shop in the student center, now the new hit bakery shop, since the shutdown of the more delicious bakery shop in the library. 

OH MY GOD! You don't know how fucking good that this cheesecake is. It fits the cream cheese cake title perfectly. So creamy, so thick, so cheesy, and definitely so tasty! I wonder why we never took the risk to try it out before. Maybe we're too scared? Maybe.... but this cream cheese cake definitely hits the spot.

Oh, talking about last week's discovery, we did kind of discovered (well, not exactly discovered, but rather finally interested) astrology readings, specifically, western horoscope.

With my twitter account following an astrology reading tweets, there are tons of horoscope personality readings posted every single day and every fucking single day, I had not missed a reading on three signs, particularly mine, CZL and Faiz. I'm a Scorpio, Faiz's a Pisces, and CZL's a Virgo (and so as Zack). The funny thing was that we kept on reading about each other's personality reading, and evaluating between one another, whether it is true or not. But based on all of the readings, we could conclude that almost 80% of the readings are true.

How did we see it the truth was easy. By checking up on each other. Scorpio readings mostly said that a Scorpio is a person is easy to get pissed off, hold grudge, envious of others, not a force to be reckoned with, and a simpler way to put it, a bitch. And most of it, really fits my personality well. Except for the love readings though. Something about Scorpio is an intimate lover, one that cares for affection and romance, and all those cheesy things. Although I hate to admit it, it is quite true that I had idolized those kinds of love before, but that doesn't mean that I will be one, if I ever get in a relationship.

On Wednesday, the new foundation students enrolled and all of them went to the procedures of orientation, just like we did before. The only thing that we felt unfair was that the new Unisel blazer was fucking more stylish in black and orange, rather than our hideous blue blazer that looked like a factory worker's uniform. Sad, but true. 

Oh yeah, CZL and I finally opted to walk at the tracks at the sports center in unisel (IPIS) instead of just walking around unisel because by walking in the tracks, the only distraction that we had was feeling tired or thirsty (and looking at guy's tight and nice bums, for me). Because when we walked outside, we would always had this distraction such as wanting to stop by somewhere, buy treats and all. But by walking at the tracks, CZL and I can walk at a different pace, be it slow or fast, and we can even walk separately instead of like the usual where we both walk close to each other.

Sunset view from the lake...

So, that was the sum of it for my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. For Thursday, I went to return back the HTC Sensation phone to the Nuffnang office in Heritage House in KL. Click picture below for the post on that particular day.

And on Friday, I went around from Semukhsin to Tesco Semenyih, to Kong's Temple in Semenyih, and lastly to Alamand in Putrajaya. All for a different purpose but it all sparked from a single mission, to do our interview assignment for Mr.Sadass. Click the picture below to be directed to the post on that particular day.

 And that was what last week was all about. Weekend? Naaaahh.. nothing happened. I sat in my hostel, movie-marathon-ing on Saturday, and Xbox-ing on Sunday. Pure relaxation. Hahahaha!!!


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