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DiGi Presents the HTC Sensation

If you're a gadget freak, a tech-wiz or even a someone who loves phone so much, you would really adore what the latest HTC phones can provide. HTC Sensation, with the luscious HTC Sense intelligence system installed would take your breath away in an instant. This awesome beauty is not just catchy to the eye, firm to the grasp, and one to drool for, but what really can give you extreme pleasure are all the fun things you can do with it.

With just a flick of your fingers on the screen, you can glance through everything with. From checking up your contacts, to the weather temperatures, all the latest network stream online, and running through all the applications inside the phone such as gaming and GPS system, just take a simple smooth touch and drag sensors. No effort needed.

I could go on and on about how amazing this phone is, but that would take forever. Why not read some of my reviews on this phone:

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Or, you can find out more about this phone, here You'll learn that HTC Sensation not only would just take away your breath for its beauty, but also swept you off your feet with its tremendous operating system. But of course, with all these latest technologies and awesome devices, you wouldn't be able to fully satisfy the phone to its maximum glory without having to spend some greens to make up for all the networking, roaming, and even for just the customary usage of texting and voice-calling.

But with the DG Smart Plans, you'd be sure to enjoy this beauty, to its maximum potential. Why? Because all this apps and devices installed will require you to invest some cash in order for it to function. Using internet and all those streaming would definitely require some internet charges.  Yes, the phone is equipped with a WiFi roaming, but you can't expect to keep on hanging out at WiFi-available only locations in order to use all of the apps, now wouldn't it?

This is why DiGi is offering you with a chance to enjoy using HTC Sensation phones, with the best deals!

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With the DG Smart Plan, there's absolutely no hassle to work up on paying up for the phone. DiGi introduced  two easy Smart Plans for those who are dying to own this phone. DG Smart Plans 48 and 68. Why spend more when you can spend lesser greens just to have this phone? Both plans would benefit you in any either way. It's your pick. For example, with the DG Smart Plan 68, you'll be paying for the phone for its monthly instalment for as low as RM119.95 only for 24 months. How's that for a trade?

Not only that, that RM119.95 would cover you for the whole month. There will be no other monthly fees to be paid for. You will only be needing to pay for excess usage only. Now ain't that marvellous? Wondering what you're paying for monthly? Check out this table below.

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Aside from the monthly fee which was included in your monthly instalment, you are entitled for a stream of 3GB of mobile internet, low charge rate for all local networks (other than DiGi too), and the best of all, 100% rebate on your Mobile Internet Plan. With HTC Sensation, you'll be bound to use all of those juicy apps inside the phone and those apps doesn't come cheap unless you have an extensive stream of mobile internet. And this is where the DG Smart Plans really shine. 

For just RM119.95 a month for 24 months, you will have access to an abundant of 3GB worth of internet streaming on your phone. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare, World Wide Web streaming won't aggravate your needs to stay updated all the time. And these apps are easily downloadable for your HTC Sensation. Just take a stroll around the mall or wherever you wish, and when the needs arises, you won't have to run to the nearest Wi-Fi available hotspots just to update your Facebook status with something new, or even tweet about something funny you just saw.

Weather readings, GPS systems, and Location Devices, all these apps requires a satellite connection from the phone itself. But all those wouldn't be accessible without data streaming. But with DG Smart Plans, data streaming is not a problem at all. You won't have to waste that much cash to get it all set up and to work. DiGi itself is known for it's unbelievably awesome coverage. Need I say more?

Not forgetting that HTC Sensation also you to keep in touch with your friends and families, all your contacts with just a touch away and no mess needed. But keeping in touch with all of them would meant spending more money just to reach them. But with the DG Smart Plans, you will not only get to talk and text with all of your contacts, but also on a great reduced charge too! With just 10 cent per SMS, 20 cent per MMS, and amazingly cheap 15 cent per minute voice calls, you won't have to worry about your monthly billed usage reaching its limits.

But that's not end of it. With all the entertainment and fun you're having with the HTC Sensation, you're bound to jump in with all the excitement and use up all your phone credits and mobile internet streaming to the limit. Wanted to keep having all the fun but afraid to pay for excess usage? Then just keep using it up until you reached up to a total of RM200 or more of billed usage, and you'll receive a 100% discount on your monthly fee. This would mean that in the end, you'd be spending so much time having fun with your HTC Sensation without worrying about paying extra. Spend less for more usage, doesn't that sound sweet?!

So, whether you're the type to leisure around with your HTC Sensation in the malls, outdoors, or even just adorning the great specs of this beauty, with DiGi and DG Smart Plans, you'll be sure to unlock the maximum potential of satisfactory level with this phone. Check out this link,, for more information about this great deal for HTC Sensation from DiGi.

*Thank you to both Nuffnang, and DiGi, for this great opportunity. I would to appreciate both, for letting me have fun with the phone itself. I am sincerely grateful and I really hope that I would get it. Fingers crossed!

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