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Final Semester : Week 6 & 7

Hmmmm.... how should I do this again?! Oh, I've missed blogging for two weeks already and I'm already getting rusted. Commitment issues, right now. Seriously, I find myself committing into writing, even once in a week was really taking a toll on me. There was just so much for me to do at the hostel rather than just doing nothing at all or ending up spending lots of my time on the net. Facebook, Twitter, and the sorts. But actually, for the past two weeks before classes finally finished, on the 7th week, Zack, Faiz, and I had started job-hunting.

DiGi Presents the HTC Sensation

If you're a gadget freak, a tech-wiz or even a someone who loves phone so much, you would really adore what the latest HTC phones can provide. HTC Sensation, with the luscious HTC Sense intelligence system installed would take your breath away in an instant. This awesome beauty is not just catchy to the eye, firm to the grasp, and one to drool for, but what really can give you extreme pleasure are all the fun things you can do with it.

Final Semester : Week 5

Last week past around really quickly. Yes, totally. I remembered that the only two days that it went by slowly was on Tuesday and Wednesday where classes was on.

Final Semester : Week 4

Aahhh.............. okay, last week??? 
What fucking happened last week?!!!
Dear Mr. Sadass, 
can you tell me what happened arr last week?!!!

Motif berjalan lagi nampak dari buat assignment

Who would've guessed that I'd be visiting Semukhsin back. Well, not for leisure, but for business. Man, that's cheesy. It's not like I'm on an official business, I'm just doing my Educational Admin assignment. A big project on a reflective essay about a leadership. Our purpose was to interview all of the great leaders of education, narrowing it down, our lecturer asked us to interview school's principal instead.

Time to turn up the HTC Sensation back to its owner

Recent stupid incident which happened during an event gave me an opportunity to do a review on the HTC Sensation phone and I am telling you that I would have not asked for anything better because having to use that phone for two weeks was seriously heaven! I wish I could have held it for a longer period.

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