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What Miea thinks : Fright Night

Rating : 6/10

Storyline : What will you do if you found out that a fucking nasty brutal vampire is living next door? But that's what this movie is all about. A high-school students named Charley found out that one by one, students in the school are missing and it all led to the new neighbor who had just moved in next door. He tried to investigate the cause of the disappearance and found out that his new neighbor is actually a blood-thirsty vampire. He uncovers the mystery of his neighbor and only to find out that his new neighbor, Jerry the vampire now wants his head.

Clueless, he went to look for the person who might know how to stop Jerry, Peter Vincent, a TV celebrity known of exterminating vampires in his show. But Peter quickly dissed him, thinking that Charley was insane and was hallucinating. Everything went worse when suddenly Amy, Charley's girlfriend, and Judy, Charley's mother, were also being dragged around with the hunting. They escaped from the neighborhood only to find out that Jerry chased after them in the middle of the road. After a confrontation between Jerry and Charley, Judy stepped in and saved Charley for the moment.

They managed to escape to the city and took refuge in a hospital, while Judy was recovering from passing out. Peter suddenly called them and tried to provide assistance to kill Jerry. Long story short, they got into a battle with Jerry and Charley's ex-bestfriend who is now a vampire at Peter's place. Killed vampire friends, ran away from Jerry, but Jerry managed to grab Amy away, and Charley left with one mission and one mission only. To kill Jerry.

He stormed Jerry's house only to find out that Peter was tagging along too. They discovered the vampire lair underneath the house and tried to fight Jerry. But first, Jerry had a surprise for Charley. Amy was there waiting to bite him back. Yes, Amy was turned. Everyone expected that? Yeah too cliche. But like most vampire movies (except True Blood and that shitty Twilight series), the big bad vampire dies, killed by Charley with the blessed stake. And with that, all of the turned vampires reversed back to their human self. 

The comical side note : JERRY THE VAMPIRE. Seriously? Does it get any better than that? Jerry the vampire. Even in the movie, the characters themselves question upon the name itself. But I wouldn't blame the producer of this film actually. You would blame the first production of this movie as it was a remake for the same title movie back in the 1985. A super hot delicious vampire with a cute face, who could resist that? A geeky hero, wait, let me rephrase that...........a seriously trouble geeky hero who is trying to look cool but seriously is not. The usual damsel in distress, only that she is more alluring when she was a vampire, with all her re-vamped voice and all. And definitely, the self-proclaimed TV celebrity, vampire exterminator, who is more or less a cowardly British-accent loser who survived the massacre by the same vampire, back when he was a child. I'm saying here, the characters themselves are really funny.

My comments : I wouldn't go far with this movie if it wasn't for the characters themselves. Collin Farell makes one hell of a yummy vampire, at that. He's the prime factor which makes this movie a success, truth be said. The storyline is well too predictable and you could have at least predicted how the ending would be like as early as the movie starts to develop its plot. However, I do have to give credit for two key items in the movie. The CGI and the comedy. 

It might not look much or contradict the recent vampire affiliation in the world of how a vampire looks like, but this takes us aback in the old days where vampires are actually feared creatures and not some glittery beautiful beings or supernaturally strong clan of beings living amongst us. The other part was the comedy. This movie is filled hilarious and funny lines. I find myself laughing more than being scared throughout the movie. If you're looking for some entertainment, this is not a bad movie though.


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