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What Miea thinks : Bukit Gambang Resort City

On the 4th day of Raya this year, my family went to an outing to Gambang to its Bukit Gambang Resort City which is located somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Jokes aside, it is that kind of place. Yes, follow the signboards to get there but you'll understand my phrase of somewhere in the middle of nowhere once you get there.

The weather there is currently like any other place in around Malaysia, hot and the sun is flaring gloriously. So expect to be a little bit sweaty if you do decided to go there.

Let's talk about it's room. My uncle purchased a normal room for all of us. We took two units which have two rooms inside per unit. Our room is located on the third floor of the block. The blocks for the resort is divided into two section: North & South. Ours was South 2.

The creative thing about either blocks, be it North or South, they are both connected to the lobby building.
Oh, here's what the whole thing looked like.

Guess you can tell which is the north side and which is the south side, right?

Now, let's check out the rooms.

The living room was quite spacious and not bad. Good TV reception and movie channels are available for the  guests to enjoy. The only thing that was missing was a comfortable set of sofa. They provide these ornate set of wooden furniture for the rest of the unit, which for me, is not really that comfortable. It doesn't grip well, and you will tend to butt-slip on the chairs easily.

Simple kitchen and not really that bad. The resort provides a few bottled mineral water for free and also some teas and coffee bags in case we want to make some along with a water heater to boil water with. Usual necessary items needed, check. Thus the kitchen is okay.

Now, as I told you before, my uncle purchased the normal room set, which have two rooms in one unit. And each room is just as big, hosts two wide single beds, a dressing table, built in wall closet, and a bathroom. Points on all of the necessary items, check. However, there's a slight problem with the air-conditioning. It would appear that almost everywhere inside the resort, the hotel's air-conditioning gets up VERY slow to cool the whole room (based on the comments left by the previous customers who lodge there). And yes, it's true. The room takes a bit of quite some time to get to the cool temperature. I've forgotten to take pictures of the bathroom but it's okay. Normal necessary items are in check, except that they don't have a bathtub, only shower area.

Wouldn't expect much of a balcony area, but it was satisfactory enough. The same wooden furniture set was place outside on the balcony too. It is quite spacious though. And considering that geologically, the resort is actually a few levels high of the normal ground, it is quite breezy and windy.

Not much of a view are available though. The ones that are facing outside only gets to see forests and trees. Not much else.

This is the restaurant in the resort. It is located right next to the reception lobby. In this picture, the resort managements had already arranged everything for the breakfast buffet for the next morning.

If you purchased a room here, it is entitled for you to get passes for the breakfast buffet, like other normal hotel. I would gladly recommend the buffet because the foods here are delicious and there are tons of foods to choose from. Here are a few of what I managed to snap.

Three types of rice, to choose from...

To be adorned with Nasi Lemak's condiments such as boiled eggs, fried anchovies, peanuts, fresh cucumber, and Sambal, if you want, or there's more dishes such as Rendang Ayam, Fried Chicken, and more to the next side (which I didn't snap, of course).

These are a must-haves and thank god that they did.

Porridge. Make your own porridge by adding what you want. Add more cilantro, more salted eggs, more fish sauce or soy sauce if you want to, customize to your own will, because it is delicious.

Garden Salad. Choose from available vegetables and sauces, and mix it all up, you way.

Another must-haves. Toasts and spreads. They have both whole wheat and grain bread to choose from and over four spreads to select. Strawberries, Blueberries, Pineapple, and England Butter. You toast 'em, you choose 'em.

Now, this is rare. For people like myself, I find this as a good gesture because quite a few people actually love half-boiled eggs aside from the hard ones. And beside this, there's actually an omelet booth too. Although you don't get to choose the ingredients and watch it being cooked right in front of you, it is still delicious though.

This is also a rare dish. Vermicelli Soup with condiments. The same like the porridge, customize your own vermicelli soup to your taste buds and enjoy.

Drinks tab. Too bad they only had Mango and Oranges for the juices and Coffee and Tea for the hot beverages and nothing else. And that wraps up what was being served. Although I did miss a few dishes on the western sections such as the whipped potato with gravy, baked beans, sausages, and potato wedges.  

I'd give credits to their foods because it was delicious and well-presented. It wasn't shabby and the foods are fresh and does taste good. In overall, the room was fine, the food was great, and they have great package for the customers in case they wanted to stay in the resort as well as to play at the water park next door to the resort. The unsatisfactory part was actually their services. They're not really friendly, and they're terribly slow. Especially during both the check in and check out process. So, an overall rating of this resort upon 10 is a 6. To know better, why don't you go and check it out yourself.

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