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Miea thinks he can cook : Kuih Sarang Semut

I've organized an "open class" event in Unisel later on next week to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr with my classmates for it's going to be our last one and it is best if we could get together. So, I've told them that they must each bring cookies or dishes there and not come empty-handed. For my part, I decided to make a Sarang Semut cookie, suggestion from my auntie.
Let's start cooking~

- Corn Starch [one and a half cup] -
- Whole Wheat Flour [5.5oz] *initial amount -
- Egg Yolk [one] -
- Vanilla Essence [half a tea spoon] -
- Baking Powder [half a table spoon] -
- Butter [4oz] -
- Fine Sugar [one cup] *more if you prefer -
- Chocolate Rice *for garnishing -

Start first by adding the butter in your mixing bowl.

Add the sugar

Then mix it well about until it thickens.

Next, add the egg yolk

..and mix it well again once more. Mix it till it becomes moist and fluffy.
To know when, try taking the bowl, flip it upside down and see if the mixture glued and didn't fall at all. If it does, that means it's good to go.

Then add the vanilla essence

..and mix it up again~

Now, add in the rest of the ingredients in (corn starch, flour and baking powder) and mix it up once more.

With only that much ingredients, you're almost done but not quite. You need to be adding more flour bit by bit when mixing it because you need the mixture to become a dough and firm enough for you to hold and not stick. 

Keep pouring flour in the mixture while mixing and try forming dough like these. If it manages to stick together well and not too soft to hold, then you're good to go. On to the final step.

Take a grater, and grate those dough.

The results are crumbled grated dough which are light and soft. Scoop up some of the grated dough gently, 

..and place it in paper cups. Then, sprinkle chocolate rices on them.

Finally, bake 'em for about half an hour or so. I'm so sorry that I could not get the exact temperature or even the exact time because different ovens have different customization. To simply know, just let it in the oven for about half an hour under 180 degree and take it out after that. Try eating it. If it's still raw, then put it back in the oven and let it cook for a little bit more. It's a trial and error progress to know the exact temperature or time, but that's the fun of baking~

So, enjoy BAKING~


  1. Very creative way of decorating the cakes, looks so gorgeous.

  2. nava : it's not a cake. It's cookie. hahaha~

    bunga : memang sedap. sweet lagi tu!

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