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Kisah Raya Kedua 2011

What do normal Malays do when the second day of Eid arrives? Going around visiting relatives near and far, to bond, and to cherish life together, and but of course, catching up on gossips. But me? This year, I went back to Unisel to unpack my stuff at the hostel and arrange my room. Sucks, right?

Well, not entirely, I chose to do so because there was nothing to do on that day itself. My family all opted to stay indoors and just have relatives coming over instead of going out to visit them. And so, I packed all the needed stuff such as clothing, books and stationery, and not forgetting, entertainment.

I moved out from the house around 3pm and got there around 4pm over. Once I got there, I asked CZL to come and help me unpack and bring all the stuff to the 4TH FLOOR of my hostel block. Let me repeat that to you, 4TH FLOOR. And most of my things aren't exactly that light. My suitcase was heavy and so of a few boxes of items too.

And the worst part of it was the entertainment item. Imagine lifting up a heavy 21 inch TV all alone up to the 4th floor. And damn, I'm not like other macho strong guys who can lift heavy items easily or those with great stamina. I had to stop at each floor to take a breath and lift it up until the 4th floor. Damn, that was tiring. By the time I finished with all of the unpacking, I was already out of breath and damn tired. Although I did wanted to just head back home once I'm done, but considering the tiredness overwhelming, I decided to just relax for a bit before heading back.

And that is when all the crazy idea came to mind. Since Unisel is a fucking deserted area for the moment because of the holiday, we could roam around Unisel like it's ours. And it was. We could do all of the naughty or crazy things in public areas without people condemning or even looking at us. Check it out~

...even lying on the road was not a problem...

...feels like a kid once more....

After playing around, going here and there, taking photos of indecent acts or childish behavior, I dropped CZL back at her hostel and got a head on back to Ampang because I wouldn't want to come home late before 8pm because Asyhraf wanted to bring me over to Yana's house in Putrajaya. And considering the roads in MRR2, I wouldn't want to risk anything by coming home late or even during night time.

Hope you guys have no totally outgrown your childishness because that is one fucking priceless pleasure of life in whence you are swarmed with abundant of work and overwhelmed with stress, it's good to let it all out by going crazy or just simply do some foolish thing just to let out all those steams. Enjoy life~


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