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HTC Sensation : Sensationally Hooked~

All these reviews are very technical. Now, let me tell you my overall thought on it!

Overall I'm so damn fucking happy with this phone, this majestic beauty; it's my first time hands-on android, aside from my Smartphone Blackberry Storm 2, and I wouldn't want anything less than owning it. Why?

It downloads e-mail much more quickly and the GUI and the 3D amazes me even more! The latest Sense UI version will make your head spin - there's just so much functionality and such an eye-candy. The phrase "kid in a candy store" came to mind when I first got this phone to be reviewed!!! It was just so fab, juicy, and totally fun to play with!!!!

Plus, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread underneath, you'll be sure to know you have Android's latest and greatest at your fingertips. Performance does depend very much on what you ask it to do - firing up the camera on 30% battery will see it drain itself in almost no time at all, and leaving it with the Wi-Fi on overnight should save you more battery than other smartphone, so you should always remember that when you want to leave the house with a full charge, be prepared to charge overnight, every night. 

Overall the Sensation is by no means a phone you're likely to regret. I do want it to be my first android as I have been sensationally hooked head over heels with it!!!!!

 I would like to propose my sincerest gratitude to Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to hold over this phone for two weeks. Those two weeks with this phone had proven everything that I need an Android phone. I am seriously grateful!!! Because I knew it my heart that I would never ever be able to have the sufficient amount of cash to buy one. These two weeks had been fun!!!!!! 

For a full list of all of the reviews, here are the links.

Seriously, thank you very much, Nuffnang!!!!

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