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HTC Sensation : Personalization and More

What is a beauty without the thing that beautifies her?

You can polish it up by overlaying custom app launchers or UI skins from the Android Market. The structure of the Android Market is quite simple – featured apps on top and above them, three sections (Applications, Games and Downloads). There is also a shortcut up there that will help you initiating a search for your desired apps.

Not quite an app store, but if somehow the Android Market could not satisfy you, the HTC Hub is a good source of widgets, wallpapers, scenes and skins and also sound customizations – ringtones, alarms and notification sounds and entire sound sets.

You can’t have it if you are not worthy of it. This is because of the most appealing software that bundles with HTC Sensation would be the Phone Locator. This app can be used to locate your phone if it’s stolen and you can lock it or even erase all the data from it.

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And don’t worry – will back up your Sensation contacts and messages.

You will never lost your way ever again. The HTC Sensation has a built-in GPS receiver. With it come the Google Maps which is a standard part of the Android package. With this you can plan routes, search for nearby POI and go into the always cool Street View. So you can't use the excuse of not knowing the way anymore.

If that didn’t impress you, The HTC Sensation also comes with HTC Places. The other location finding app in this phone will be HTC Locations. You can download country maps for free, or just cache maps as you browse (the size of the cache is adjustable). Google Maps has caching enabled too, but the best part about HTC Locations is that it can calculate new routes even when offline. So no matter if your network operator is dead or there isn’t any Wi-Fi nearby. You can still use the HTC Location.

..............we're almost done, just one more final matter. A phone's main function.

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