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HTC Sensation : Keeping in touch with style

What is a beauty if you can't connect with others using it? Right? So, as the world know, Android and the HTC Sensation are capable of handling all sorts of text messaging – SMS, MMS, email. Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter is covered by several apps and widgets.

SMS and MMS messages are displayed in threads – you see a list of all conversations, each one is listed with the contact’s photo, name and the subject of the last message, as well as a part of the actual message.

Text input on the Sensation boils down to an on-screen custom-made HTC virtual QWERTY keyboard. While it’s still not as good as a hardware one, it’s the next best thing – the 4.3” screen has enough real estate for big, well-spaced keys, which are easy to hit.

If you don't fancy typing in a less spacious area vertically, you can always turn the phone horizontally and type it that way since it is much more spacious and sometimes are much more practical to hold so.

And with that, I shall wrap up my review on this beautiful mechanism. A final personal note from me, on the next post.

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