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HTC Sensation : The charm behind this beautiful Smartphone

What do you think is the charm behind this beautiful Smartphone which makes it so chic and incredibly irresistible?

The answer is none other than,

The HTC Sense 3.0

Though the name seem unfamiliar to the naked eyes, but Sense 3.0 is worthy to be called the charm behind the beauty of HTC Sensation display. The moment you turn on your sensation, its Lock Screen will take away your heart. The overhauled lock screen is the biggest and handiest improvement in the latest HTC Sense 3.0. It offers four customizable app shortcuts, which can be dragged into activation ring and thereby unlock the phone straight into the app. Above the shortcuts, you can have some spectacularly animated weather animations signifying the current weather, or stock updates, or a floating array of your pictures, which too can be dragged into that ring for a closer look.The new way that pages roll from side-to-side is welcomed and you can see how this would easily work on a real 3D display this beauty store in her.

To show how smooth it really is and the main interfaces of the phone, I've made a short video on it. Be forewarned though, this is a merely an amateur video.

You can totally see how fluid and smooth everything is. As if I had absolutely no need to press my fingers really hard on the screen to make sure I'm really clicking the buttons. It is as if my fingers are just glacially sliding through it all. No effort needed.

These are easily customised through the menus, so if you are always using Gmail, Google Maps, Spotify and the camera, you can have exactly that arrangement. But that’s not all. You can change the lockscreen wallpaper too, with a range of six different options to select: wallpaper, photos album, Friend Stream, weather, stocks and clock. 

What else there is to it other than the sleek smoothness of HTC Sense 3.0?
More on apps on the next entry.

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