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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I'm no Chinese, but I love to see other races and religions celebrate their festivals and the sorts. Particularly Chinese people and Japanese. And with the recent festival drawing upon us, CZL told me that the latest festival that the Chinese celebrates is the lantern festival a.k.a. the Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

I really don't know much of about this festival and even after both CZL and her boyfriend, Lim, told me, the only thing I could grab out of it was something to do with lanterns and Mooncakes. Well, both of that is what had to do with it as much as I know.

CZL asked me before during our practicum whether or not do I want to join her taking a stroll around Unisel during this festival while holding lanterns and I did say yes. So, earlier Monday night (12th September), she asked me to come down to the Unisel's futsal court to do so.

We bought those lanterns during the last few weeks of practicum during the fasting month where I went to Tesco with her. She brought along those lanterns for this purpose solely. And since I have never actually celebrated this festival, she told me to tag along. We started by lighting up the candles, putting in the lanterns, and erect the lanterns and tie it to a stick or something that you can hold it on with.

 But it was hard to find sticks in Unisel, so she brought a hangar for it.

Yeay, our first lantern is ready~

Time to make some more~ 

Now we got three, that should be enough. Besides, we had not much things to help hang the lanterns to hold on with. One more thing, it's not like we have a lot of hands. 

 We're ready, time to stroll~

While strolling near the faculty, I asked Lim to do something indecent which was to cabut the rod from the mop lying near the wall (almost perfectly hidden) so that I can have something to hold on to the other lantern which had no holder.

Myth : It is not advisable to hold your lantern like the picture above when you walk. Because lanterns are supposed to be used to light up the path, back in the old days when they had no flashlights. When you light up the path in front of you, it is completely fine, but if you place the lantern behind you as you walk, you act like a beacon which will attract some "things". 

Now what would the festival be when it is just lanterns? Thanks to both CZL and Lim, they bought me a red bean paste with sunflower seed mooncake. Awww.... thank you so much for it. We went to Unisel's cafe to eat it together.

Too bad that this one had no yolk. If only got yolk....because I like the ones with yolk. They're delicious... and I actually like the lotus flavor instead because it is much more tastier. But alas, I'm not one to complain because those are much more expensive nowadays. Even the ones they bought was RM10. So, just imagine how much would the lotus with yolk would cost?

p/s: Ek eleh.............byk songeh plak mimie neyh... org dah blanjer tu makan jerlah!!


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