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Friday Night Fright Night

Overnight outing. Wow, I haven't done that for a long time already since I was in unisel. I remembered the last time was early this year. Back when I was still going out with the others. Doesn't matter if it was just for movies or hanging out. But it really was a long time ago. The recent night out to catch the premiere screening of Fright Night last Monday (19th September) didn't count as an actual outing because for me it felt like more of an event-going, not an outing. But I would really like to say thanks to Mien for agreeing to become my plus one and take me over to e@Curve in Damansara although it was kind of a bit like a hassle considering the next morning we had classes and we actually had presentations to cover later that afternoon. But I guess it all went well then. Really, seriously, thanks. That was kind of you.

But this post was not about that night, but a post for Friday night (23rd September), where out of nowhere, when CZL and I was taking our walks around unisel around 6pm or so, Nanie called us and asked us if we wanted to go out and catch a movie that night. Considering that I was trying to save money and all, I refused at first. But knowing myself, I could really never turn down an opportunity to go out and have fun, I agreed to it.

Since Nanie was hungry, first we went to Batang Berjuntai area to find restaurants. We went to Pelangi restaurant nearby Taman Pelangi. Hm, ironic? Ahhh.... Anyway, nak save duit punya pasal, makan Nasi Bujang jer. RM2.50, that was cheap. And with my usual order of 2 glasses of plain water. That was more of less than a pinch to use money.

Selesai makan, it was time to decided where to go next. At first Nanie asked us if its okay that we went to Kuala Selangor because she wanted to buy some products at Elianto and catch a movie at that cinema place there. I've never been there, so I don't know what is the name. They wanted to watch Fright Night. Alamak, ak dah tgk lah weyh....... but I re-thought that statement because Fright Night was actually quite a nice flick to catch. It's not THAT epic, it is entertaining. 

Okay, Fright Night pown Fright Night lah. I Googled on my Blackberry, checking screening time for the movie at the cinema but unfortunately, they aren't screening Fright Night at all. So we decided to check up on other cinemas. Our search finally ended at One Utama where the final screening for the movie was at 12am.

When we got there, it was already 10.30pm over and of course-lah all of the shops inside nak tutup dah kan? So, Nanie didn't get the chance to go and buy her products at Elianto. But one thing that we did manage to accomplish before all of the shops inside were close was to buy Starbukcs!!!!

I don't know why but recently whenever I go out, I MUST get a Starbucks drink. Macam dah Starbuk-addict lah pulak kaaannn?! But it's the truth. I think this is the result when you befriend someone who is crazy into Starbucks. You'd get affected to. Thanks, CZL, you made me a Strarbuck-addict! Hahahaha!

 Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino for Nanie, Java Chip for KY, and Creme Brulee Macchiato for me. I forgot what CZL ordered. Hahahaha!

We actually hang at the Starbucks when until it was really closing time because it was already 11pm. We finally decided to go when we saw the baristas cleaning everything at the counter. Takkan nak buat muka tak malu duduk sana lame2 plak dah kan? Orang nak tutup kedai, tak paham2 bahasa plakkk.. Hahahah

As soon as we reached back in front of the GSC, there was still about forty minutes left before the movie starts. OH, tiket dah beli awal2. First things we did, when we reached there. Gara2 nak seat elok. Since there was so much time left before the movie starts. We had nothing else to do rather than just talking and camwhoring.

 Lambat sangat nak pukul 12......

So we went to buy confectioneries first. I guess I have to admit that I was still hungry even after that dinner at the restaurant. Nanie said she was hungry too. Kejadah tak kenyang2 lagi neyh.. dinner sudah, minom starbuks sudah.. boleh lapar lagi plak tu.... ish3.. trok ktorg neyh. 

We had to buy Chicago Beef instead of New York Chicken because they were out of it. Damn it. CZL bought Chicken Nuggest while KY bought salted popcorns.

Salted popcorns?! Really, KY? REALLY?! 

EEWWwwhhh, tak sedap lah Kak Yong!!! 

Not long after we bought our foods, the screening hall was finally available upon entering.

The good thing about coming in early for any movie screening,

Well, I'm not gonna say much about the movie because I had watch it the first time at the premiere screening and this would be my second time watching it again. All I can say is that it has a good replay value. Which means, you won't get bored watching it all over again unlike certain movies which are only fun when you watch it the first time but gets boring the second time you watch it again.

Collin Farell really makes up a good looking yummy vampire. And a cute one at that. There was something about the vampire eyes in the movie that made him looked super cute. But seriously fugly when he turns into vampire mode. Hahahahaha!!! Nanie's screaming that night was priceless..........bingit skejap arh telinga....

After the movie, it was time to finally head to our last location for the night. The location where we were supposed to be spending the rest of night surfing the net, and doing term paper (for me of course).

McDonald's Puncak Alam. Been such a long time since I last went there. The last time was a week earlier before we started our practicum where CZL, KY, Tini and I decided to check out the school for the first time. So, that was the last time. Wah.. tonight was spent re-kindling lots of past things that hadn't been done for a long time. All because of the hectic Semester six, and practicum. 

Somehow, we arrived at kind of a wrong time because they had just finished mopping the floors and the air-conditioner was switched off. It was damn hot and uncomfortable staying inside.

I have this thing where I feel extremely dizzy and sleepy when pressed under a heating warm temperature. And during that time and moment, that McDonald's giving off that temperature on a widespread.  It was just not me, but all of us were affected and one by one finally gave in to the fatigue and went inside the car to sleep. In the car, there was another issue. But that revolves around myself only. I felt cramped up sleeping inside the car when my legs aren't free to move around. I tried re-positioning myself a lot of time to feel comfortable to sleep but everything fails. Finally, I got out of the car, lie down on the ground in front of the car and finally got some sleep.

Back in unisel, it was around 6.45am and the sun was about to come up. Skali teringat ape mr.sadass ckp this week about waking up early and drinking in the sun rays from 7am-8am. So, CZL and I stayed over at the court first, basking in the freshness and glorious sun rays before going up to our room, and succumb to the exhaustion. 

That morning was really beautiful though. While CZL was walking around, stretching around, I lie down on the ground, face up, hands and legs all spread wide, and gaze onto the skies.

Something to do, something to appreciate,
the fresh air, the blue sky,
the cold breeze, the white clouds,
and the moon finally shedding colors.

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