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Final Semester : Week 3

Last week was seriously a different one. I had a drastic change into my life. One that changes my perception, and reaction to my surrounding. I'll get to that point later. At first, last week's Monday, I received the two tickets to the Fright Night premiere screening at e@Curve . At first, I was really out of clue and helpless because I didn't who should I ask help for to go to. I had no transport to go there (please don't count my motorcycle as good transportation method, I'd kill you). But, after some stressful hour of thinking I finally managed to convince Mien to take me there. Though I'm not quite proud of myself because it does seemed like he's fidgeting when I asked him to. Alas, what's done is done.

But it was all not for naught as both him and I enjoyed the movie. Fright Night really was awesome though. It was not epic, but an entertaining one at the very least.

I even get to meet with Kifly. Gosh, I miss talking to him. He's quirky, funny, and definitely, a good company. But the after the screening, I guess it really was too late to head back to Unisel because it was already 11.20pm. Even if he would drive to the maximum speed, we wouldn't be able to reach unisel in time before 12am in the midnight. So, we hang at Sarah Maju for a while with Mira and her friend. Damn, haven't eaten French Toast Chesse for a long time already and god it still taste heavenly.

Bad news for the week!!!! My fever had subsided, but now my eyes had gotten swollen again. UUGHHHH!! I hate this. But it happened actually because of my fault. That weekend, I went out with Mien and Bear to USJ and my contact lens fell. I forgotten to bring contact lens kit and so I had to manually just put the contacts back into my eyes without smoothing it first with a solution. Result of my stubbornness, THAT!

No presentations this week! Now that's a relief. But that would mean more work by next week. And it is true. For the following week, there's two presentation to be done. much as I wanted to be a student again, I was not hoping for this kind of workload again.....

I spent a lot of time at eating at the Cafeteria recently. Why? Not to say that it is much more cheaper or much more delicious, but they have more variety of dishes than the previous owner had served. At least they had more than the usual numbers and it is not such a bad thing at all. Too bad the delicious signature fried chicken from the previous owner was not preserved at all. I miss that fried chicken.

Aside from the bad news that I had to re-write my term paper all over again because Madam KAG told me I was doing it all wrong, I took the opportunity to let all the frustration out by agreeing to follow CZL going out walking every evening around Unisel. Two reasons primarily :

- first of all, it'd let out all of the steams
- secondly, to burn fat

Although I hate to admit that every single time that we walk, after a while, we would stop by somewhere and eat snacks that we bought at the Student Center. Not much of burning fat now, are we?

Usually, we'd start walking around 6pm and walked for 2 hours. We didn't count the hour at all actually, it just happens that every time when we got back after it is dark, it was already 8pm. And sometimes after walking, we would take dinner straightaway and hang until it was 10pm.

And then, when I got back to the hostel, I promised myself to start writing my newly revised term paper and finish it, possibly before 26th September, next week. But every single time I got ready to write, all prepared in front of my laptop, I would end up...................

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh, writing term paper is seriously stressful. I need a lot of motivation and inspiration for me to be able to write it without making so many mistakes and messing everything up. And as I am typing this up on the night 26th September, you would guess that I still haven't done my term paper. And you are right. I had asked Ms.Eda for an extension because of the newly revised term paper. She told me to just finish it up first, and then she will tell me what to do. The problem is that, I'm not the kind of person that can just do things at leisure. I need to have a dateline in order for me to have the urge to finish it. OH, help me pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We all being there before. Do your best, you have my support.

  2. Thanks to both of you, but might I ask, who is this? >>>>>> referring to anonymous.


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