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Final Semester : Week 2

 It's the second week already. Time really flies! This reminds me that I still got about one week and a half to finish writing my term paper and I still haven't started on my Chapter 2,3,4 & 5. I'm doomed!!!!

This week classes with Mr.Sadass is getting more and more interesting! I wonder how did he get so quirky and funny all at the same time... and he's not exactly that young. His teaching style seriously reminded me of Mr. Mus as mamu used to do a lot of group work and presentations in his class and that makes us feel energetic and fresh as for the subject is a theoretical one and it is boring. But with group presentation and activities, it kept us awake.

Thankfully, this week's there was more learning and note-taking (I like) and group presentation because I was really not up for it. However, starting next week, almost all of the groups formed inside the class are supposed to present on their respective theory.

Our theory is called : Goal Setting Theory. This is determined through drawing lots among all of the seven groups. Hmm.. I haven't even started reading about it all and somehow really wasn't expecting this kind of regiment task once more when I'm back being a student. Haa.... but an assignment is still an assignment, gotta do it even if I don't want to!

Finally, I am one step closer into achieving the goals of visiting all of the boys inside my class's houses this week that Thursday afternoon when I tagged along with Faizal and Bear to go to Teluk Panglima Garang to pick up his stuff. 

I used to have this image that Bear's really not the pure mix 'mamak' family and more of the 'mamak' from Penang adoption. But I guess it proved me wrong when I visited his house, he's the pure breed of 'mamak' made due from Indian converting Muslim. So, a pure 'mamak' he is. 

At his house, his mother bought us some rice with two dishes. Not expecting much really because I was kind of hooked up on the fact that we're going to hit Jusco Bukit Tinggi next and I was hoping to eat there. But as most Malay people would say, "rezeki jangan ditolak", meaning that whatever we get, receive it humbly and without complains. And boy, was I glad to do that as his mother bought this delicious Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, which I haven't eaten for ages because normally stingrays is quite pricey. Anyway, it was superbly delicious. And I wasn't really that hungry because three hours before we went to his house, we had already taken lunch.

After we settled eating and Bear's done packing all of his stuff, it is finally time to get a move on The funny thing was that Faizal somehow went into warp speed when driving this time around. Hahahahaha! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~ shooooommmmmmmmmmzzzzz!!!!

Thankfully, it really wasn't all that far to get to the Jusco Bukit Tinggi as it was like 5km away or so. Personally, I have never seen a Jaya Jusco this damn big. It had to be the biggest I've ever seen or stepped into. Yeah, I'm a newb. But it really was large. And it's pretty cool. They've got Old Town, Starbucks, Nandos, and all of the pretty cools food outlets. Yeah, I only had eyes for foods. None other. Hahahahahahaa!!!!

Oh okay, the purpose was to actually find some XBOX games to be play because the ones that I had aren't really to Faizal's taste because he's more into FPS and Tactical FPS then more of an RPG or Hack n' Slash type of gamers unlike the rest of us. Faiz, Bear, Afiq, and myself shares the same RPG mind-set unlike Faizal and Asyhraf are more of an FPS person, Mien is more of a sports person along with Faizal and the rest of the boys. I could say that only Bear and Afiq is more of an all-rounder when it comes to games.

Somehow, luck wasn't on Faizal's side as the game shop that we went had only a few XBOX games and most of it are Kinect games and considering mine hadn't got the kinect port, it'd be a waste. Though I doubt it that most games are that much fun. Unless they've invented an RPG games that are kinect-ly awesome though. Disappointed, I diverted our attention to a candy and tid-bits shop that I saw on our way to the game shop.

I told you, I had eyes for food shops.......especially sweet thang!

My GOD, it was heaven for me!!!
There were free samples for most of the tid-bits, candies, assam, and every fucking thing inside there. I was like Alice in Wonderland, going from one tid-bits to another, biting of free samples as if I wanted to buy it all. I was drowned in by all of those sweet and sour heaven!!!

Coincidentally, even Faizal and Bear bought some candies and assam too when they went inside. It was cheap and delicious....who would resist that, no? After all, it's not like we'd be going there a fucking lots more time. Now, all I need to do now is find this kind of shop back in Ampang....hmmmm...where the fuck? 

Anyway, after that, I took them to Starbucks!

Another discovery made this week when I found out that both of them never had Starbucks before?!!! OH MY GODDDDDDD!!!! You guys really need to buy one, like right now, NOW! That was a little bit kind of like my response when I found out. 

Not to sound all prissy or whatever but for me, I had to admit that Starbucks had to be the best caffe-infused drink ever invented and people are missing out if they aren't drinking some because it is just simply cool. Not in a sense that popularity, but for the drinks itself. They're tasty, simply worth the fucking pricey price. They're the type of guilty pleasure you want to be indulged in.

Gah gah gah......................hmmmmm right after we got back from JJ Bukit Tinggi, we stopped by the cafe first because Faizal wanted to take back his external hard disk from Ani. Cafe was the rendezvous point. As we got there, we saw Zack and Yana and we joined them. We took out the tidbits we bought and shared it with the rest of them.

hmmmmm.............last mention for this week would be the fucking heavy rainstorm on Friday which seriously a fucking storm. Lightning crashing about (more than usual in Unisel), and the wind was blowing super strong. It was damn strong that it knocked over this tree standing in front of the hostel over.

Actually, I was hoping to test my luck and take a lightning shot picture, which I know will never happen with my camera though. Hahahaha............. I guess that is it for this week. Until next week....

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