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Final Semester : Week 1

Final semester is finally here! I know, it's weird because I've already finished my practicum..right? But somehow unisel's management got some wacky problem and because of it, our subject arrangement got a bit twisted here and there and because of that, we still had two subjects left to cover before we can actually finish our study and graduate next year.

Although it sounds like a total bummer, it really wasn't. Or at least, isn't. Because in this short semester which only lasted for two months and a half, I'd be spending my final moments with my unisel friends for the last time. Because I know that later when we're done and finish our study, it'll only be a tiny possibility that we'd be meeting up again with each other and hang out as we all live far from each other. Almost spread all around Malaysia. Malacca, Johor, Pahang, Sabah, Terrenganu and Kedah even. 

Okay, let's start. This week, we finally started our lecture. Fortunately, both of the subjects I'm taking for this last semester, Educational Admin and Reading For Academic Purposes are taught by the same lecturer. A part time lecturer named Mr.Sadassevan. At first I was skeptical about him teaching us, that we might be dead bored to look at his face for two days in a row, each in the afternoon and in the morning. But he's actually a pretty cool person. He's funny and definitely kind. He likes to pick and tease my classmates, just like Madam Hamidah used to do. He's a fresh one, that's good. He asked us not to call him by his full name, but Sadass instead. But I thought it as something funny.... SADass....get it?

Classes this week turned out to be fine and most of our classmates were relieved to reclaim our status as a university students back once more. Even as our second class with Mr.Sadass, we've  already got presentation task. Back to group work and discussion we did.

 Using mahjong papers to do our presentations, aah... so nostalgic!

Presentation time!!!
Take your seats, ladies and gentlemen..
let's see how all of us improve after our teachings during practicum...

Even Mr.Sadass were impressed with our presentation skills...

And yes, most of our classmates did had a major improvement on their presentation skill, voice projection and nervousness since we became teachers for the past four months. But mostly we improved on our fluency of speech, voice projection and eye-contact. Which means, we no longer need to refer back to our notes as we present and able to maintain eye contact with the audience so that they will not direct their attention to other disturbance..... Yes, a major improvement for all of us. Congratulations! 

But, since we're back in classes and reclaimed our title as students, that doesn't give us away with being nervous as I can see that most of our classmates still felt nervous presenting in front of the other classmates. I know why that happened. It is because our audience are no longer school students who can't detect grammar mistakes of inaccurate speech, but those who can instead. This factor contributes to us being nervous. I won't deny that I myself was also nervous during that presentation. But thankfully, I managed to speak accurately and fast. That saved me.

So far, I'm not complaining about our timetable because we only had classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Only two days out of the five days that we had classes. Which means, more free time for us to finish our practicum and hang out with friends. And speaking of hanging out with friends, I promised CZL that I'd be spending more time with her, taking long walks here and there.

But, I'm not that much of a promise-keeper type of person. I managed to only hang out with CZL only on Friday as I refused to go out on days with classes and on Monday we had already went to the Bazaar. On Tuesday, I had dinner at home instead. On Friday, I asked CZL to help me out with my term paper as I changed my topic once more. I did not totally changed it, just tweaked it a little bit.

Actually, we were doing our work perfectly fine at one of the BK classes in our faculty when suddenly there's this annoyingly-no-mannered-hideous bitch came out of nowhere, opened the door to the class, and said,


UUhhhh.... hello, don't people ever taught you about manners and courtesy? Knock first, then say "excuse me" at the very least before you open your big fat gob and spew indecency at us. Seriously, juniors these days are rude and have no manners. And because of that little incident, we decided to hit the library because CZL wanted to find some books too..

Did you know that now there's a new rage on Facebook games, which is The Sims Social. It acted almost the same like The Sims 3, but on a much more simplified version of it. I think it would be best that you just play it to know better. It's a recent addiction to all of the unisel students. Even most of my classmates are playing it too. I introduced it to CZL and she kind of liked it too.

It's fun actually. The only flaw for me of that game was the energy mode. To do certain quest-related or money-related actions, you need to use energy and you only have a set few to use. So, once you're out, you need to wait for quite some time until it refills. Another flaw actually for these kinds of games is the "friend needed" gameplay. Which means that, in order to finish a certain quest or to buy or create certain items in the game, you need help from friends.... and that is the tiresome part. Asking friends to help out.

Okay, I'm getting pretty side-tracked there. Hmm... let's see.... aah.... at the very least before I got really distracted with that game, I've already done my Chapter One term paper. Now, all I need to do is prepare my Chapter Three by this weekend, before I submit to Ms.Eda for editing. Uhhh..... what else?

Oh, ah! After all those time spent at the library (playing game, and updating blog), it was already almost dusk. And we were kind of clueless of where to go for dinner. There was two options at that time, either we go back to our hostel and eat separately (save money), or go eat at cafe (spend money). But finally we chose neither. We went to the newly located Bendang at the old Cangkir spot at the corner lot. Supposedly, there's new types of food that Bendang is selling aside from their usual Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani, Meehoon Soup, and Chicken Chop. 

And actually, it's quite true. But not really quite how I expected it. Apparently, the corner lot was quite expensive and the rent is too high for Bendang alone. They took another shop under their wing (a mamak stall) and let them at sell their foods there too. So, instead we had more than just the usual foods at Bendang. But those new foods are quite pricey.... and really not that delicious....

Finally, after that dinner, I finally managed to do one thing that I've been missing to do since I've stayed out at Taman Ilmu. Which means, I haven't done that for almost two years. What?

Taking long walks at night in Unisel, feeling the cool breeze~!!! 
Now that is something I had missed out doing for a fucking long time, and I finally able to do so!!!!

And I think that's it for this week's update. I won't be updating daily like I used to when I was doing my practicum, simply because some things are going to become redundant. And so, I'll just be updating weekly. But of course there'll be other posts aside from the weekly updates too....


  1. whatever it is, get it done and over with to move one with the working life.

  2. I didn't know you were studying to be a teacher! Wow, all the best teach! hehe.

  3. nava : you sound so............

    nana : I don't want to become a teacher. This is only a platform.


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