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Eid Family Outing | Part 3

The next morning, it was finally time to actually taste the quality of the foods and an actual service provided by the hotel staff. Whether they are friendly, nice, warm, or just plain lazy, rude, or slow.

But I'd give credits to them despite being a 3-star rated resort for providing their guests with a colorful choices of dishes for breakfast. Tons and tons of 'em too. And they even have some things that even a normal 5-star rated hotel don't. Okay, let's see....

Nasi Lemak, a must have! But instead of a normal Nasi Lemak which have coconut rice, they have three types of rice for choosing. The original heavily-sedated rice with coconut juice (for those who wants the full taste), the normal coconut rice (for those who are looking over their weight), and plain rice (for those who doesn't want to eat Nasi Lemak) which is also fine because they also have some fried chicken and rendang ayam to compensate with that.

Cereal, another must have! Good thinking, because most customers have children and these kids don't usually have rather unique or differential taste like adults do and they're more prone attracted to sweet stuff. Koko Krunch, Honey Star, and Cornflakes, that's what they have. Served with either warm milk, or fresh cold milk.

This particular dish is however, extremely delicious. Their Porridge is somehow very very delicious. I'm not sure whether it is because the ingredients I chose for my porridge were a good fit or the porridge really was that delicious. They also provide you with soy sauce, fish sauce, fried crispy anchovies, peanuts, fried onions, chopped salted eggs, chopped spring onions, and some crackers to go with the porridge.

Their Salad bar was teeny bit disappointing because of the lack of veggies to go with it. They have awesome ranches to go with such as the usual thousand island and lime mayonnaise but too bad they have only a few vegetable to eat it with. Aside from tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, red and green capsicums you see on the picture above, there's nothing else to it. Shame, isn't it?

Now this is also another must-have and thank goodness that they had it. Toasts and jams. They used the standards rolling toaster which toasts the slices of breads as it goes through it and drop it down on the tray, nicely toasted. They have the usual spread of strawberries, blueberries, and butter with one little extra rare spread which you don't usually find so much on a daily basis, Pineapple spread.

Now, what would breakfast be, without western dishes, right? Luckily, they have quite a range of delicious light western breakfast dishes for selection. They had whipped potatoes, wedges, sausages (with different taste, namely, black pepper and mushroom), baked red beans, and another must-have, Omelet! If Omelet isn't an interesting egg breakfast for you, you could also have the Malaysian (or Mamak style) egg breakfast of Half-boiled Egg (picture above). Which I assure you, is a VERY RARE breakfast food served in hotels or resorts.

Now this last dish is also another rare one, indeed. You don't really find much resort or hotel which serves Vermicelli (a.k.a. Meehoon @ Bihun) soup with condiments, up to your taste of customization. I wouldn't say this as a bad choice for a breakfast meal (although it is), but it just doesn't fit the breakfast food category so well. Hey, at least they got something out of the ordinary.

Now, talking about things being ordinary, now here's something very common and ordinary. Juices and beverages to accompany your sets of delicious foods. They had coffee, tea, orange juice, and mango juice for the drinks. A safe play, I would say so. Below are pictures of what I took for my breakfast that morning.

Everyone elso had fun that morning, eating lots of kind of foods. And the food does really tastes not that bad at all. It is not because we are hungry that I could say that it is delicious, but it really was delicious. Even my mother couldn't stop refilling her plates for more Nasi Lemak. Me? I love the Porridge the most!

I'd really gave it to my mother for being a strong eater. Even I was beat after all that and another plate of Nasi Lemak. But she kept going and going and even after everyone was done, she went up to grab another plate of toasts. Salute!!!!

After the heavy breakfast, it was time to leave because the resort stated that the checkout time is 12.30pm and by the time we finished eating, it was already 10.30pm, so we got an hour plus to shower, pack up and leave.

Packed our things, got in the car, and it's bye2 to Pahang it is. Back to KL it was. And that wraps up our family day during this year's Eid~

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