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Eid Family Outing | Part 2

After that fun and tiring time at the Bukit Gambang Water Park, we finally headed for the Resort. Thankfully, our uncle had already prepared everything, so all we needed to do was just go to the rooms. He told us to locate the S2 Block, and go to the third floor, and find the room numbered 12.

3rd Floor? Oh my god. And we were already tired from all those swimming...

thankfully, there's a lift. Well, it'd be foolish if it didn't ...right?
Okay, time to check out the rooms.

Living room, just plain okay. Hate the wooden furniture though. So ... squeaky and slippery. Can't even sit properly and when you started to weigh your whole body down on it hoping that it will catch you and hold you while you relax, it will slid you down. Damn.

Kitchen was also so-and-so. Not much too complain because it does looked like a kitchen unlike certain hotels because they don't even have an actual kitchen, they only have dressers and mini fridge to compensate it all. Unlike normal hotel and resorts, they have an actual sink to clean those things, a mini fridge (common), some free make-yourself-beverages, an actual cabinet to store foods, and also a dining table. Too bad that the dining table is too small.

They offer two bedrooms which is in quite a large room, and each room have two large single beds, a dressing table, an closet, and a bathroom. The beds are comfy, the closet is large and even the bathroom is quite spacious too. The only con of it was there's no bath tub in the bathroom and the air-conditioning of the room works very slowly, which means that it gets cold...really slow. In case you're in need of a cold atmosphere right away. Possible after taking a hot shower.

The balcony.............hmm.. what can I say? Not really of a winner but it is quite spacious. I could even sleep there. It was breezy, cold and doesn't have an awful view. It doesn't really scream beautiful panorama but definitely not a dull one at the very least.

With that kind of view, I'm satisfied.

After checking out the rooms and all, I bunked in for a while because of the fatigue. And as I was really getting into my nap and turning it into a slumber, the whole family shook my siblings and I up as we were going to visit our relatives in Kuantan that same night. I kind of expected it and so I did not protest to the idea and just get dressed. My little brother and sister however, were frantic about it and pissed off because they were tired and had already felt comfortable under the soft blanket and comfy beds influence. We forced them off the bed but it was futile, all they wanted to do was sleep. And so we left both of them at the hotel while the rest of us went on to our first destination which was in Indera Mahkota (full address? IDK, I was asleep on the way there), to my Makngah Moni's house.

Since my uncle had told her earlier two days ago that we were coming, she had time to prepare a festive dinner for us. She cooked a lot of delicious dishes especially for us and that couldn't have been so much better because we were STARVING.

Dig in, she says. And we DID.

Man, those dishes were damn delicious. My favorites were Daging Masak Kicap (soft and easy to chew beef with spicy soy sauce), Sambal Bilis (simply because it was spicy), and that damn super spicy Sambal Belacan. There were also Rendang Kambing, Ikan Patin Masak Asam, Rendang Daging Kering, Gulai Udang, Ikan Patin Goreng Masak Rempah, and not forgetting the Bihun Goreng of course. But the kings of that night were my mother, my auntie, and myself as we kept of adding more rice to our plates, enjoying those dishes. 

And we were full after that. We were thinking of heading back home already and head to the next house tomorrow, but my uncle re-thought the whole idea and decided to just hit the next house the same night because on the next day, we could just hit back to KL after we checked out from the hotel and it is a far better distance from Gambang to KL (200km++) than Kuantan to KL (250km++). So, we decided to go that same night. Next house?

My grandma's sister's house a.k.a. Tokcik in Sg. Isap, Kuantan.

Actually, because we came there before calling or even mentioning  to them, half of the people in the house were already asleep, including tokcik himself. But luckily when we arrived, his daughters, were still awake and invited us in. They woke up their parents and the whole family started chatting and catching up on stories.

Since we already ate a LOT at the previous house, it is fairly understandable if we would just be drinking and enjoying kuih raya instead. They told us to come downstairs and eat dinner but we kindly refused the offer, telling them about our previous trip to Makngah Moni's house and the dinner there.

I guess I'm not much of an adult or grown up yet to chat with them and so what I did that time around while waiting for them chatting and all, was eating this delicious kuih simpul.

There were other cookies around,

...but I kept on eating that kuih simpul only because it was crispy, crunchy and delicious!

And they served F&N Green for me and some others little kids while the old ones had tea. We actually stayed there for quite some time. I think it was about 3 hours or so until everyone started to feel sleepy and realized that they still had like 40km of drive to do before they can hit the bed at the resort. And so we took our leave and that was the end of our night. Continue onto part 3....

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