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Eid Family Outing | Part 1

In all of my years lie awake (grown up), or in other way of thinking is that since I can remember, my mother's family have little or less family gatherings. Although these past few years, they've been trying but nothing came out perfectly like they wanted. Just like this recent gathering/outing my uncle organized. Okay, I wouldn't say it as if it is a total failure but it's not what we kind of expected.

 Usually, I'm not the one to drive, but this time around, I took the challenge to drive all the way from Ampang to Gambang in Pahang. Our set destination took us about.....221km to arrive. Here's the exact amount of time and distance that Mr.Google provides.

click photo to enlarge

So, it was quite a challenge because I've never driven that far before and the farthest I did before was to Malacca and that only took about an hour or so because my car could drive at 140km/h. But because this time around, my car is not as fast it used to be so the only maximum speed I could reach while driving the car was 110km/h. And it didn't take 2 hours to get there. It took me about 3 hours ++ to reach the place.

We set out with four different cars. My uncle and his family (Perdana), my auntie and her family (Avanza), my other auntie with her family (Picanto), and my mother's car (Wira) with just my siblings and I as the passenger including one of my auntie's son, Harraz. My mother went with my uncle. They went first in the morning because he wanted to arrive there early. The rest of us started moving around 11am because we haven't packed and I was still asleep until 10am.

During the first hour, I was wide awake driving because my siblings were still up and we were so noisy, singing to the songs on the radio and all but after an hour, they went to sleep, which left me all alone driving another 2 hours without music too. Because the radio suddenly went silent because we already entered Pahang and the reception wasn't that good and I didn't know what was the fm for Pahang for both Fly.FM and Hitz.FM. I actually almost fell asleep during driving. Thank goodness, somehow, I finally managed to get there.

But, the resort kind of not to what I expected and wasn't all that.................attractive. But I'll save that for later. Let's get it on with the water park. Now, most people would come here for the Water Park, which was supposed to be quite good and almost reached the standards of the Sunway Lagoon. Hey, don't point at me, that's what I heard.

Yeay, finally made it!!!!

Since the first party, my uncle already got there two hours ago, they went on inside first. But when we got there, he told us to call him and wait at the lobby.

We waited around until he came and gave us our tickets.
And inside we go~

Okay, not much photos was taken as I was enjoying my time playing in the water.

check out our soaked hairs and red-eyes for playing in the water too much.

Pity my mother that she didn't had the chance to play in the water too because she had to take care of my auntie's son (he has skin problem, so chlorine will do damage to his skin), and other things such as wallets, cellphones, and even my camera. I really hoped that my mother could play in the water too but she said that she didn't bring any extra clothes to wear, so it was okay. That's what she said........ but I know she would love to play in the water too.

We got there around 2pm over and from there on out, we kept playing until it was 5pm. The water park shuts down at 6.30pm but we were already done. My reason was that I had enough of playing the water as my eyes were getting red for diving too much and getting chlorine in it. Besides, the chlorine is making my hair frizzy and damaged.

Of course, all the swimming made us hungry. But there's only light snacks such as sandwiches and ice-cream were available. We wanted to buy those delicious looking hotdogs but they were out of it. Guess we were too late.

So, what can I say about this water park? Does it really raise to the standards of Sunway Lagoon? No. It doesn't. They have awesome thrilling slides, fun and spacious children area, extremely fun beach and wave area, and definitely, a lot of places to sit and eat if we ever get hungry. But it doesn't really scream Sunway Lagoon for me. Yes, if the rating were to be place upon 10, I'd give it a 7. Quite high? It deserves it. It is definitely worth the money, and the travel (should you be from somewhere else and not a Pahang resident).

After the water park, we finally went to the resort to actually be there and rest in the rooms instead of when we first got there and could only drop our luggage there because my uncle wanted us to go to the water park first so that we could have more time playing in the water.

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