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BeRaya? Tak KOT.

If you've read on my previous post on Kisah Raya Kedua 2011, then you'd remember that I mentioned somewhere in the last paragraph that Asyhraf had called me to accompany him to go and 'beraya' to Yana's house in Putrajaya, right? Now, this post existed solely thanks to him because if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be able to go and visit some of my friends' house during the Eid holiday.

The reason was that he had this epiphany that it's not like most of our classmates lives REALLY REALLY far away from each other, so why not take the opportunity to visit them when we have the time and it's not wrong to do so. So, he had planned to go to a couple of our friend's house during this festive season. When I first question him about how to go to Yana's house, he said don't worry, he got it all covered. And so I was weird. Turns out that he had a garmin application GPS installed in his mother's phone and we used that to get around.

Pretty cool, right?

With the help from his GPS, we managed to get to Yana's house without any difficulties at all. And the GPS even gave us the shorter route to get there without facing traffic at all. Now, that's helpful.

Yana was glad to have us over and served us with a few Raya biscuits and Mee Bandung.

Her mother's Mee Bandung is quite delicious. None like I've tasted before but it's okay. Since it was already nighttime on the day we went to Yana's house, we decided to go Faiz's and Faizal's house on the next day.

Since Faiz's house was much farther, we went to his first, because later when we're tired, it's not that far away from our destination back home from Faizal's house in Meru. Well, it is still far, but not so far as Faiz's house in Nilai, though.

With the help of his GPS, we managed to get to Faiz's house much faster than the last time I went there using the KLIA route. The GPS took us to another route which was a bit faster than my one, of course.

Not even an hour drive, we got there. 

Faiz told us that his parents are out in Subang, buying things. So, he'll be serving us alone then. For me, that's not a problem at all because that'll give me more freedom to act foolish and childish instead of having to cover up and look properly like an adult.

I think the last time that I was there at Faiz's house, it was during his Kenduri Doa Selamat and I didn't even got a good look at his house and take pictures of it. so, this time around, he gave me a tour of his house properly. Check out his house~ well...a few parts of it.

I want that be able to play my XBOX with it..
would be AWESOME.

AAAAahhh..... Faiz, thanks for the delicious Kuah Kacang and Rendang Daging!!! I've forgotten how much of a good cook you are. Damn, those Kuah Kacang is seriously fucking delicious!!!!

and he even took out his deliciously baked, sweet Pineapple tart.

After he served us, we went outside by the porch to chat and hang for a while before we took a move on to Faizal's house.

On the way to Faizal's house, nearby Shah Alam, we passed by the car crash accident. The picture below might not look like much, but the taxi (the one that got hit) had seriously gruesome effect of the hit by the other car. The back part was seriously smashed hard and dented terribly.

Finally, we arrived to Faizal's house around 5pm.

But since I didn't take a head start to call him earlier two hours ago that we'd be coming, he fell asleep while waiting. Don't get me wrong, I already called him the day earlier about coming, it is just that we didn't specify a time. I was an hour late to call him because once we move out from Faiz's house, I kept on calling him again and again to inform him of our arrival, but he was fast asleep in his room while his phone was outside of his room. So, we had to spend quite some time outside of his gate waiting. We tried the bell but nobody seemed to come out.

Finally, he came out, and opened the gates to invite us in. How did he know? He wakes up from his sleep, went to his laptop and check out his Facebook notification only to find out a tweet from me saying that we're outside of his house but can't get in because he was fast asleep. Once he saw that tweet, he went out and opened the gates.

He served us with soft drinks and his mother's specialty Kuah Kacang which for me was a bit rare. Why? Because the Kuah Kacang had chickens and beef in it. Weird? I think so. Tasty? Hhmm...... I think the Kuah Kacang can stand out on its own without those meats. But it's not that bad though. So sorry that there's no pictures with him or inside of his house, or even the foods because my camera's battery had run out when we entered his house. *I've forgotten to charge it*

So, after his house, we wrapped it up with my house as the final house. Me? What did I serve? My mom cooked Nasi Minyak with Ayam Masak Cili Padi and Sayur Goreng. Well, by the time we got to my house, we were actually already super full. So, there's not much of an eating segment really. After that, we said goodbye and Asyhraf left to home in Kajang. So, that's it. 

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