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BeRaya? Tak KOT : Part 4

Damn it, this has got to be the fourth time in a row that I never ever thought I'd be going out "beraya" ...........again. Seriously, I wasn't even expecting this shit. I was like....lazing up on my hostel's bed playing game and the sort, and out of nowhere, Mien came in and asked me whether if I wanted to go out on Saturday with him to USJ for a wedding, and again to Bandar Baru Sungai Buaya (SB for short) for his mentor's open house.

He said that if he didn't ask me, he thought I might get emotional and all...and felt like I've being left out. Yeah, I'm insecure like that. And since I can never resist free food. Why the fuck hell not? So we decided to go to Subang Jaya first for the wedding. However, we had some slight problem of directions as we don't actually knew how to get there.

It was there and then that I realized (after searching for so long) that my Blackberry actually had a GPS system installed with the Maps application. The only problem was that there was no voiced directions like Asyhraf's one. Well, at least it was better than nothing. The reason why we didn't use the provided map in the wedding card invitation was the directions weren't that clear and it only covers half of the area needed to get it was kind of inconvenient.

However, our efforts weren't for naught as the combination of the GPS, our navigational skills and some landmarks from the invitation cards, we finally made it there. AAAh..... foods! By the time we got there, my focus was nothing else but but the foods being served.

Everything LOOKED delicious....but not everything IS delicious. Only a few of them are. Well, at least I'm not nagging much. I just took what I like, dunk it on my plate, and enjoy my meal. I know some of them are just okay because I took each one of it a little bit at the first round, and then on the second round, I just chose what I like better. 

Oh, if you're wondering, they are serving Nasi Putih @ Nasi Minyak, with Ayam Masak Merah, Rendang Daging, Kuah Dalca, Daging Masak Kicap and the standard arca sayur.

Well, despite the normal tasting food, everything else looked okay. The canopy was nice (whatthefuck?!) because the color creamy pink is just so soft and it reflected well on everything. And the catering service was fine...................................uuhmmm. I'm not doing a review..stop that.

After the wedding, we took a rush mode to head to SB because if you count the distance, it is actually quite far and we would not want to go back to Unisel very late. Would not want anything else to happen.... so, Mien drove as fast as he could heading to SB and not long after, we finally made it.

This is the house of Mien's mentor back when he was doing his practicum. A she. Not a he. Quite not bad looking too. The house was creatively decorated. When I went inside the house (I wanted to go to the toilet), I managed to take a good look at the interior decor of the house and it really is quite chic. From what I can tell, she likes the color green. Well, if it isn't that obvious from the color of her house and some decors...I would not say otherwise.

Dishes being served? Three types. Either if you're full, you can opt for the Nasi Impit with Kuih Kacang or any of the Rendang, or if you're craving for something much heavier, there's Mee Kari for selection too and also Nasi Daging wish plethora of dishes to mix it up with. 

Me? I chose Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang. A must-have for me. If you've been my post on this "beraya" adventure lately, you'd notice that I love to eat Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang. Mainly it is because it is my favorite Eid dish......almost everywhere that you go, it is not hard to find some. And most of the time, I enjoy comparing the tastes from each and another. But so far, I can say that the best Kuah Kacang I've tasted belongs to my mother's, Faiz's, and Haji Samuri's. I've yet to encounter more. My recent discovery was Kuah Kacang cooked with chickens. I shall make this a goal to reach.

For desserts, there were delicious chocolate moist cake for that simply melts inside your mouth and not to full that makes you feel like you don't want to eat 'em anymore, but instead, otherwise. I felt like I want to stuff myself with it. The other one was cream puff with custard sauce. There's no doubt that custard sauce are fucking and unquestionably delicious, no matter wherever you go, but the cream puff is what differentiates them all. Too bad that this one, however, doesn't taste that good though.

Aside from the food, I rest my case though. The house was jam-packed with lots of people and also teachers and Mien was enjoying himself, chatting up with the teachers and also some of the students who turn up for the open house.

Not long after, it was almost 6.30pm and Mien thought that it'd be best that we hit back to Unisel that time because we could rest and relax for the night because Mien said he got a few more houses to go on the next day. Maaannnn...... I wish I wasn't that popular among students like him. Oh wait, I'm not. Hahahaha! I'm not denying it that I am jealous, but having to keep up appearances is really not me. That is why on my last day of practicum, I just left like that.

When we got back to Unisel, it was dead silence all over. Like a dead city, what Bear said. Just look at that. If it was during the weekdays, normally the cafe would be pouring with students but that Saturday, it was just plain................silence. Only two or three groups of students was seen loitering around. To make things even explainable....... the notice below should tell you why is there not much people hanging there at all...

Uhhh...................crap, right? But what can I say, it is not like there's a lot of students there at all to let the cafe open...right? Well, that's it for this post. See ya~

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