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BeRaya? Tak KOT : Part 3

When I told you that I had never expected to go out "beraya" so much this year, I wasn't lying. This time around, our trips consists of going to Kajang for Faiz's students instead. However this outing was actually more than just that and actually a coined actions for two tasks. 

1) Send books to be photocopy
2) Go "beraya" to Faiz's students' houses

So, two birds with one stone. I know, I don't make any sense here, right? Actually, I was only supposed to go to Shah Alam to photocopy the textbook that Mr.Sadass asked me to because he wants everyone in the class to have one and because the original book costed about RM70 and above, it is much more of a better choice to be photocopying it instead of buying a new one just for that subject because it is damn expensive.

So, as I reclaimed my status back as the treasurer for the class, it was my assigned duty to do all the photocopying task. Thankfully, as a reigning ex-class representative, Faizal agreed to bring me to this good photocopy shop that give a good price for it...

IF you guys remember a long lost post last year where I went out on a whole day outing to Shah Alam with Faizal and Mien, you'd remember that he has a master level in knowing all of the roads in Shah Alam. Go there with him, you'll never get lost, and you'll be sure to arrive at the location you desired faster through all of the shortcuts.

Actually, the shop which he wanted to bring me over was closed, so we had no other choice but to find another shop. Luckily, there's a hell lots of photocopy shops in Section 2 and in just a few minute, we managed to find a shop who offers the cheapest price we could find. Because I could remember that the first two shops offered RM40 for each book but the last one (picture above) only costed about RM30.

Once we got that task done, it was time for breakfast. That morning's particular breakfast was my choice of location because I have been having this craving for delicious oily, crispy Roti Canai since the night I ate Roti Canai at the Unisel's Cafe. So, where else you can find good Roti Canai, if you're a Unisel student, in Shah Alam?

Khulafa of course. So, I drove by to Section 7, under the directed guidance by Faizal, and we went to the Khulafa located beside the Unisel Shah Alam's campus. Thankfully, I was able to satisfy my craving for Roti Canai and not just that, I was able to eat (my also favorite) Thosai too.

Roti Canai with Sambal and Kuah Dhal

Thosai with Sambal, Kuah Dhal, and not forgetting... favorite Kuah chutney...

Now that was a satisfying breakfast. A good one of course. It really is such a long time that I have a good breakfast to fill my tummy. Usually its just nothing or I don't have one because I woke up very late.

Now that breakfast had been taken, it's time to get on with the second task for the day. Heading to Kajang and "beraya" to some of the Faiz's students' houses.

Did I mention? Faizal asked me to drive his car that day. He said he was tired because it has been four days straight that he went out every single day and he needed someone else to drive instead. But out of the two option, he chose me instead of Faiz. Personally, I was lazy, but since he asked me to do so, aaahhh....

The first destination when we got there, was my favorite Starbucks outlet at the Metropoint Kajang. I had not been there one month already and since I've been such an active Starbucks drinker lately, I missed the taste of Caramel Frappuccino already. Thus the pit stop to Starbucks.

But our pit stop didn't actually last that long because not long after that, Faiz got a call from his student to come in front of the school to meet up first before going to the other students' houses. And so we did.

Once there, that student told us to wait for the others to come as there are two more coming to convoy with us to the houses. But the wait took more than one hour and I was really getting restless....

And because of that same reason of restlessness, I actually did so many foolish things such as climbing here and there, jumping, vandalizing the bus stop where we were waiting, and one particular stupid thing which is costing me the endless pain to my toe until now. I tried jumping away from the bench of the bus stop to a nearby staircase. But what I didn't know was that the staircase was slippery because it had just stopped raining a while ago.

I slipped and fell hard on my right foot. My toe, particularly had the worse impact and I think I broke a few small bones inside it because it was really painful. Now, my toe is swollen and gotten all blue. And I can't even walk properly with my right foot. I can't step properly with it because when that toe touches any surfaces, be it flat when I walk, or simply when I touch it, I felt an extreme pain. They said that I might have fractured it. Oh my god. But guess I wasn't the only fool that day.

Because when we started convoying to the houses, Faiz's student, particularly one of them (picture below), skidded during a corner and had crashed to the ground because the roads was slippery.

He got scratches and bruises all over his hands, arms, and legs. Even his shoulder was bruised. His clothes were totally dirty from the dirty muddy ground.

The worst part was his motorcycle. It got pretty damaged. I remembered the time when I had that same kind of crash before in Unisel and my motorcycle got pretty damaged badly too. But this time, was way worse. The motorcycle engine can't be started at all.

Moving on, we finally got to the first house. Luxurious house, I can tell you. Even the inside decor was beautiful and interesting. Check it out.

The house was really modeled beautifully and artistically furnished. I love the certain wooden touches inside the house. It really was well-furnished. Time to get on with the eating part.

Surprisingly, when you see houses like this, you would usually have the mindset that the owner must have been kind of a bit stuck-up or a teeny bit "hidung tinggi", right? I don't know you guys, but I do. BUT, the mother of the student was really really nice. Friendly, down-to-earth and really really nice. She was rushing here and there, serving the guests with foods, exchanging pleasantries at the same time, and still manages to carve up a smile on her face.

There were quite a few of foods for selection at their house. I couldn't contain how excited I was when I saw that much food. And these pictures doesn't even cover the fact that they had more than this. These few are the only ones that I managed to take pictures of though.

Chocolates anyone?

I had a blasting good time eating all those foods. Especially the Satay. I'm a satay lover and I just can't get enough of it. Too bad I only got a few sticks of it because there were a lot of other students, grabbing them too. Damn it. ah well.. at least I did get to eat some. And the best part of it was that it was still hot.

Next house? I asked them if its fine that we went to my uncle's house. Just to pay respect to them because I had stayed over at their house during my practicum days and he even refused to let me pay rental fee. So, it wouldn't be totally appreciative or thoughtful if I didn't stop by there, right when his house is just a couple of hundred meters away.

Too my surprised, some of my father's siblings were there too. That makes my visit there much more better because I'd be killing two birds with one stone. Because I was only there to visit Pakdik & Makdik, but apparently, my Makngah, Kak Jill & Abg Mat, Pak Nonon & Acik Nadia, were there too.

What was served?

Damn steaming delicious Nasi Lemak

Despite the fact that I had already eaten a lot at the previous house, I was still enraged by lust to eat a lot at my uncle's house too. Everything was perfectly good. The best part would be the rice and the fried chicken. Apparently, the rice was cooked through steaming, so it is a no wonder that is was deliciously soft and aromatic. 

The chicken, however was simply out of this world. Everything was perfect. The crisp outer layer skin, the soft spiced meat inside and the fact that it was still hot as if it just got out of the frying pan was made it so deliciously irresistible. Simply said, I even tambah nasi sampai 2-3 kali laaah....

Hahahahaha. Anyway, thanks to Pakdik & Makdik for having us, Makdik for cooking that delicious Nasi Lemak, and to both of them once again for the pocket money~!!!!

I seriously didn't thought I would be getting them at all. Yelah, umur dah nak 22 tahun kan? I'm too old for it already... I think so. Anyway, after that house, we finally went to Faiz's another student's house. To our condition, I was checking up whether they're still energetic or too full of foods already.

What does it seems like to you? Looked fine? But the fact was that Faiz was already too full with foods, and Faizal's temperature was rising, telling us that the fever he had for the past two-three days haven't totally gone yet and now he felt a wee bit queasy and uneasy. But don't worry Jal, the next house will be our last one.

I guess by now I can really tell that I am more like my father, have his genetics and are prone to be LIKE him because what I am right now is most likely how he is. Likes going out to places, enjoys eating, love hanging outdoor, and definitely like to have a stress-free, boundless, pleasureful easy life. 

Okay, this time around, his student attended to us fully, giving full attention to Faiz and they had some time chatting up while Faizal was sitting there quietly, trying to calm himself from getting sick. Me? I was trying to enjoy my last meal of the day.  

The house serves three types of food. It is either you have the Meehoon Soup like I did, Mee Bandung, or the usual Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang.

The Meehoon Soup wasn't all that bad but the soup was cold. They didn't put the soup in a heat-able container or heated it up at all. Resulting in a ........less delicious meal. Well, I'm not much to complain at that moment because I was already starting to feel bloated from all of the foods that day.

Not long after that, it was time to leave. Thankfully, on the way back from Kajang to Unisel, Faizal had asked me to drive but Faiz stepped in for me because my toe was still hurting at that moment. Because it hurts so much, I can't press the gas pedal, so he took over. Thanks Faiz.

And to make matters even more worse (or rude) of me, I accidentally slept almost three quarter on the way back while Faiz was stuck driving in silence because I was snoring loudly in front, and Faizal was in utter silence at the back. But it turns out to be not such a bad day at all. We had fun though. Thanks to Faizal for lending his car, and Faiz for driving, and to all those kind people for those delicious foods.

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