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BeRaya? Tak KOT : Part 2

Now, here's something I thought to be quite funny. I never really expected to actually going "beraya" a lot this year's Eid but turns out to be that this year I actually went to a lot more houses than I expected. Just this weekend, I spent both days going to my friends' students' houses to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr.

If you remember, on the previous post of BeRaya? Tak KOT , I mentioned going around to my friends' houses to celebrate Eid, but this time around, our destination was to Sungai Buaya near Bukit Beruntung for "cikgu mien punya student" houses to celebrate Eid.

From Unisel, it really wasn't that far to reach there, the journey took less than half an hour, using the Bukit Tagar highway route.

After a couple of minute drive from Bukit Beruntung, we finally arrived at the Bandar Baru Sg Buaya, the location of Mien's practicum. We went to his students' houses around Taman Kantan which is located just nearby the school. 

I gotta say, this is a fucking pretty house. You should see the decor inside, but too bad I was too shy to take any pictures with my Miekon because it will be kind of obvious. I wish my phone had a better camera quality to help me out with that. I've forgotten the student's name but his parents served Nasi Minyak, and Laksa for thier open house.

Comments on the food? Hmm........ I didn't taste the laksa but I DID take a good taste of the Nasi Minyak. The rice itself is delicious and aromatic, but the dishes to go with it was oddly tasted enough for me. The Ayam Masak Merah was kind of bland. It's too watery and sweet. There's no spicy taste at all. The other dish was the Daging...masak rendang.. I think so. I just don't know how to categorize it because it is also, too sweet and watery. But the beef was very tender and good to eat though.

We left the house right after Afiq and his entourage started to swarm the house. Apparently, he brought along all of his close friends/students to go "beraya" all of the students' houses one by one.

 And since the dining area is really not that big and Afiq wasn't actually part of our entourage, we got a move on to the next house which is still located in the same neighborhood.

Unlike the first house, this house kind of a bit "dead-looking" for me because the parents stayed back at the kitchen and the students just prowl about in front on the living room watching sports on the TV and leaving us kind of a bit unattended at the dining area. But that's not the case here so much, now isn't it?

Anyway, this house serves two noodle-type dishes : Mee Bandung and Spaghetti. And the best part of it was that the Spaghetti was served with the choice of two sauces. Be it Beef Bolognaise or Creamy Carbonara. Unfortunately, we came there a little too late and both sauces were drained finished. Only the Mee Bandung was left. Thankfully, it tasted quite good to compensate the craving for that spaghetti.

Aside from the Mee Bandung, I also managed to empty out one jar of this delicious cornflakes chocolate chip cookie without hesitation. The whole time I was in that house, I hold the jar in my hand and kept on nibbling bites after bites until I realize I had emptied out the jar. The jar was so full of the biscuits to begin with. Now, that is such a terrible thing to do.

Time to head out to the final house for the day. Yes, only three houses for that. Supposedly there are four but somehow the other one house had no response when we came over, so this makes the next house as the last house. Mien said there are more but he shall continue on the next day itself as it was already almost dusk.

This house interior is quite interesting. Again, sorry for there's no picture of it because this time around, the house was damn crowded with a lot of the students. I couldn't even fit in well to take any pictures. Even we had to sit at the kitchen to eat the foods being served. 

Meehoon Soup and Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang.

This is the second time I've seen Kuah Kacang with chickens being cooked with it altogether. According to the mother of the student, this style of Kuah Kacang is the northern Malaysia style. Oooooh... The taste? Nothing to fanciful, just the same old taste of Kuah Kacang though.

The Meehoon Soup, however, was a winning. The best food I've tasted the whole day. It is also the northern Malaysia style of Meehoon Soup said the mother. The Meehoon is yellow in color instead of the usual white because it is boiled with ginger broth. And the best part of it was that it is spicy. Unlike the normal Meehoon Soup which you added the "cili kicap" to make it spicy, they even had these special chili paste to add more zing to the taste. I seriously liked it so much. Everything was perfect. The hot soup, the soft meehoon, the spicy taste.......just perfect!

For dessert, she served this cendol jello which is quite interesting. Though I don't quite fancy the taste though. It is sweet and all but I think cendol should just be like its usual form, it is much better that way.

Even as we ate, there are tons of students bustling in and out of the kitchen, dropping their Styrofoam plates and bowls into the garbage bin behind. There seems like there's no end to it. Because the house was really jam-packed with students. Luckily the mother of the student was really kind and friendly, chatting with us and keeping us company in the kitchen.

That last house wraps up all of the "beraya" session for that day because it was already getting darker and it was almost twilight at that moment. So Mien decided to halt it for that day and continue on with the rest of the other houses on the next day. But before we got a head back to Unisel, I asked him to show me his school and we drove by there.

I got to see how the school looks like, but only from the outside though. I'm not complaining. But the school looks partially old and modern at the same time. The most interesting part of the school was the architectural design of the blocks and also the color of all of the buildings. The building design is quite unique, doesn't look like a school at all. And best of all, the whole school is painted with a light blue color.......interesting.

Well, thanks a lot Mien, for letting me tag along. That makes Saturday food expense money well-saved. Free food for that day. And thankfully, I was still full until night time even before I slept that night...

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