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Being a Treasurer

Life of a student never really is that much dull. I would say, especially you play an important part of it of course. Like myself, I chose to take up back my post in the class as their treasurer, collecting class fund to photocopy notes and stuff. But it never really was easy. I knew that from experience. Being a treasurer is both fun and also stressful. Collecting money, fun. Not able to collect money, major stress. The problem with it is that sometimes most students are financially not stable and some of them are just simply low on cash. During these periods of time where they lack the greens, I am never able to collect money from them. And there's also the problem of those who pay late, or have difficulty paying. Like my recent task to photocopy the books for the Educational Admin subject, I was actually kind of having some trouble to get them to pay the money fast because they're not in the campus. Some of them are still enjoying their extended weekend (classes are only on Wednesday and Thursday, so they got Monday and Tuesday off), but the problem was that I needed the money first in order to collect the books from shop. Well, at least I'm happy that in the end it all worked out well and I got the money needed for the books.

To get the books from Shah Alam, I actually had enlisted the help from Faizal but with some complications and misunderstanding, I finally managed to convince Mien to take me instead. But I asked Faizal to come along too because I know I'm not much of a good company with Mien as we do not share the same brain wavelength, meaning that we don't have much in common.

Thankfully, the roads were clear on our way there and it was such a clear weather that time around.

We drove to Shah Alam Section 2, and made it to the bookshop.

Like the worker said that Sunday, that everything will be finished in time, and it did. When we got there, the books are all laid ready for us to take it. 

And the best part of it was that the quality is AWESOME. The books look almost 90% like the original book. I'm impressed.

The photocopy version on the left, the original on the right.

 Although they used a different grade of papers unlike the original, we were really satisfied already because it looked like an original book. And the best part of it was it was two times much cheaper than the original book.

I'm just glad that my classmates liked it though.

Like I've told both of them, it'd be stupid not to go around here and there in Shah Alam now that we're there and why waste the opportunity. We decided to grab something to bite, but the question was....where?

At first I was determined that I wanted to eat at Domino since my last encounter with it during the fasting month before and I was dreading for the taste of it once more. But too bad that Faizal and Mien had less budget to eat there. And so I had to give up that choice. Then Mien suggested the Subway at the Section 7 for our friend Syahmi is working there.

But alas, he was not there. But since we're there, we just went in. Surprisingly, I never knew that Faizal never ate Subway before. Now that was something new~

 Subway Melt for Mien and Steak & Cheese for Faizal

Me? My favorite Steak & Cheese of course! 

Right next two doors of the Subway lies the recent rage of most young adults nowadays.

Yup, Tutti Frutti. I remember like two years ago when Tutti Frutti was here, nobody cared so much because they thought it was too expensive. But guess what, recently, everyone no longer thought that it was that much expensive anymore and it became a recent hot dessert that is a must-try.

At first, I thought they were shitting me when they say they never ate Tutti Frutti before. But that's the truth. I don't know what to say to that predicament. Anyway, since both of them haven't tried it before I decided that we should pool our money together and buy one.

 Medium-sized (green cup)

 Strawberry Fields, Death Chocolate and Red Velvet flavor!

Condiments bar....

Crispy cookies and cereals to top your frozen yogurt...

Fruits and jellies to sweet things up...

.....and most definitely sweets and chocolates

and ta~raaaaaaa~

 okay, definitely not the best looking Tutti Frutti you might have ever seen but at least it tasted good. Damn those cheerios tasted soooo damn good! least they said it was good and they enjoyed it.

After our little dessert intake, it was then time to head back home because Faizal had a meeting for the Unisel Tesl Club around 8pm and since he's the president, it is compulsory for him to be there.

On our way back, it was raining quite heavily and there's a stupid traffic slowing us down. but thankfully, we made it before 8pm. 
In all of my history loitering around the cafe this year I had never stayed there for a such a long time. If I would have to count, I spent a total of eight hours that day at the cafe, collecting money, and also delivering the books to my classmates. Damn. It never gets easier being a treasurer. But I'm not complaining. It is tiring, redundant and also pathetic...but at the same time it does have its perks. At least I could feel myself as someone important. Hahahaha....

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