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What Miea thinks : The Smurfs

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Rating : 6/10

Storyline : Imagine cute little chipmunks mixed with a little bit of "Enchanted" (the Disney movie), and you'll get, Smurf. So, the story revolves around the story of tiny living community at the height of an apple each, lives in a giant mushroom, and are named according to their personality. This story takes it toll on one particular Smurf named Clumsy (you can start imagine why) for being a teeny bit responsible to led the evil wizard Gargamel and his crazy feline familiar, Azrael into their hidden village which is protected by a special barrier which makes the village invisible from plain sight.

The moments where Gargamel hits the village would be so unpredictably during the blue moon approaches. And Clumsy, as he is, brought a few of the Smurfs to the wrong direction which leads them to a vortex opened up inside a waterfall caused by the magic of the blue moon. Together, Clumsy, Grouchy, Gutsy, Brainy, Smurfette, and Papa Smurf got all sucked in the vortex and brought over to the human world. Crazily obsessed with the Smurfs, Gargamel and Azrael followed them to the human world.

Blah blah blah, the Smurfs ended up running away from them each time Gargamel manages to snoop them out and finally they took refuge at Winslow's (Neil Patrick Harris) house and got acquainted with him and his wife. The made friends, yada yada yada, got all comfy and mushy, but still wanting to go back home to their village.

Finally, they found out how to go back to their village and at that nick of time, Gargamel manages to kidnap Papa Smurf and extracts smurf-essence from him which would provide Gargamel with powerful magic source. Knowing the Smurf, "all for one, and one for Smurf", they went to rescue Papa Smurf. They confronted Gargamel and Azrael with the help of all the other Smurfs. Finally, Clumsy, being himself, manages to outdone Gargamel with his dragon wand and blew him away. And they all went back to their village and lived happily ever after. Predictable? You tell me.

The comical side note : Katy Perry voice-acted for Smurfette (can you really tell if it is her?), the seriously butt-ugly hideous wizard who's too obsessed with tiny little blue man, the seemingly odd and funny familiar feline of the wizard, the super hot voluptuous bitch boss who talks with a crappy Spanish accent, the irony of little blue people who are named after their personality (omg, seriously?) and last but not least, can you guys help me solve this equation?

99 smurfs + 1 father = who's the fucking mother?

My comments :  Throughout the whole film, I kept on trying to exact the voice of Smurfette to that of Katy Perry but it was really hard. Seriously, it was. It's like you can't tell if it is REALLY her. 

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I found myself laughing more when Azrael comes into scene. He's funny, sarcastic, and oddly cute at times. I seriously can't get enough of it. 

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No, seriously, here's what I think. If you don't mind to spend some cash on a highly predictable movie, then by all means necessary, go ahead. It's not a bad movie. Good quirks and funny phrases, seriously cute and adorable looking Smurfs are going to get you into all "aaaaawww" moments, the evil wizard and his feline familiar is going to make you laugh (a LOT), and Neil Patrick Harris's acting isn't all that bad either. It's entertaining, and not at all that boring but it is seriously predictable. 

So, there you go. You've read what I think. It's up to you guys then~


  1. overall i felt the movie was quite okay, except for the really silly villain. How can a villain be so childish and silly. LOL

    And i think the smurfs were brought by stocks, so don't need no mother. Hehe

  2. nice seeing you there at the premiere btw miea!

  3. predictably fun , it was amusing to watch it. but its not top notch. .

  4. maybe the voice has been edited to sound cuter/better? lol.. or katy's voice was edited all along when she sings her songs?.. perhaps that explains the dissimilarity? :P

  5. cartoon n real voice most of the time not similar... or mebe she ate too much blueberries trying to look like smurfs :P

  6. whoa, thank you all for commenting. This is the first time that my post has more than one comment!! hahaha

    isaac : yeah, garbagesmell is seriously stupid. Brought by the storks...hmm.. does all magical creature brought to life like that? hahaha. Nice seeing you there too!

    benjamin : definitely not top notch.

    ken : i think in this movie, she kind of pressed her voice a bit because her real voice is like when she sings.

    merryn : that's funny!!!!


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