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What Miea thinks : Cowboys and Aliens

Rating : 8/10

Storyline : Interesting and not too predictable. Who would've even guessed that the hero was actually a leader of a bandit gang, robbing people around and had done so many criminal activity? But this is the fact that the storyline for this movie is quite interesting. A bandit leader falling in love with a prostitute where later both of them got abducted by aliens who came to earth in order to gather gold (what the hell?) as it is valuable as it is the way gold is valuable for us. The aliens abducted quite a lot of humans in order to study them (the cliche probing) to find out what is the human's weakness.

Surprisingly, he manages to escape but had his memory lost while doing so. Strangely, he found himself stumbled upon a troubled mining town which is practically owned by this corrupt colonel and his bastard son. After some shooting incidents and what-not, the aliens finally came invading the town, destroying everything in their path and abducting more loved ones.

The hero and a couple more (the corrupt colonel, a strange chick, a boy, a dog, and a couple more of the colonel's henchmen) decided to track the aliens down in order to retrieve their loved ones. During their journey, they found a lot of things such as the aliens' purpose, who he really was before his memory had gotten lost.

Finally, after going through some hardships, they finally found the aliens vessel a.k.a. their spaceship and assaulted it in order to save their abducted loved ones. Crazy mini war happened outside while the hero ventured inside to rescue the abducted and manages to free them. Finally, their nightmare is over when the alien's spaceship exploded halfway on the sky while trying to escape from the Earth's atmosphere. How? The strange chick (Olivia Wilde) activated a gadget inside the core of the ship and self-destructed herself and exploded the whole ship. The End.

The comical side note : A corrupt colonel who turned from bad to good, a timid boy turning mature, a priest wise with word died and had funny funeral ceremony, a helpless bar owner who learns how to shoot ended up saving a life by point-blank shooting a gun to the alien's head, the red indian henchmen who gained the trust of his corrupt colonel finally ending up dying trying to save the colonel, a group of bandits who had no self-esteem risking their lives to save human lives, and a strange chick who actually is an alien from another planet who sole purpose of hiding out in Earth was to destroy the aliens. Too much? You figure it out yourself.

My comments : It was not a boring movie at all. I am not interested in the movie at all when I went to watch it but it kept me entertained throughout the whole movie. It had a lot of good comical points, unpredictable heroine, just-enough gun-shooting and action scenes, hideous-looking aliens, some inserted moral values and quite a couple of ridiculous dialogues. 

I liked it and I would say that it isn't such a bad movie at all. I love Olivia Wilde's acting in this one.

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