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We're not BLUE, the Smurfs are~

Thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets to the Premier Screening of The Smurfs at TGV, KLCC. Thanks a lot. Been waiting for quite some time for this movie to come out and hear out how Katy Perry would sound like playing Smurfette.

Unlike the usual screening that I've been to, I've never been to a screening held at TGV because usually, I would get the ones in Mid Valley or One Utama. Never before in KLCC. And since you guys know how the traffic is in KL and I've had no transport to head there, I decided to opt taking the public transportation heading there.

Actually, Myra was not supposed to be my plus one. Rayyan was. But since Myra BBM-ed me asking to break fast together, I just told her to come with me to KLCC and have dinner there because Rayyan said he wouldn't be able to come early. Only maybe before the screening time that he might be able to get there. And so it was just Myra and me then. But then later when the screening time went on, Myra would leave KLCC with her father who would be coming from Sungei Wang.

When we got there, it was already 6pm over and there's no other thing to do than to secure a place to break fast. We did tried looking for other places than food court because we refused to but I guess luck was not on our side since we were that late. 6PM = LATE to find a place to eat.

It actually took us quite some time to locate a place and finally we decided to jut hit the signatures food court on level 2. But as most people would already knew, it was already crowded by that hour. We were lucky to even got a table. But it is actually more of a teatime table. But we'll just take what we get. Damn, it was crowded as hell there.

We had some time before iftar and we did spend quite some thinking what to eat. Finally, because of my last encounter with the delicious Domino's pizza last Monday (quite late, right? I know!), I am craving for that hot melted cheesy sensation from pizzas! And so I decided to order some pizza and a fettuccine carbonara along with it. Myra bought this Chicken dish meal from this Mango Chili outlet (hmm..never heard of it before. OR at the very least, not interested at all).

Chow time people~

I managed to eat my pizza and fettuccine first before the clock strikes 8pm. Why? That's the time for the Nuffnang ticket redemption booth to opens and our queue to collect the tickets. I moved up one floor to the TGV at 8pm sharp hoping that I'd be one of the few early ones to collect the tickets but to my surprise, there was already a long queue of nuffnangers waiting to redeem their tickets. Dang!

Damn, we got not quite a good seats and it's a bit too the front seats, which means we'd be tilting our heads up then. Damn. Well, at least it's a free screening already, I'm not complaining.

The movie's screening time is around 9pm and we had about 45 minutes left for it. So, outside we go for me to have my ciggies. 

During that time, I finally got a text from Rayyan at my FB saying that he couldn't come. Thank goodness that I had brought over Myra. Which means, she will have to accompany me then. Yeay~ It's okay Rayyan, there will be another time. I'm freaking sure!!!

 After a while, it was time to head up once again for the screening. 

The movie was enjoyable. Want to know more? Wait for my reviews on the next post then.

After the movie, KLCC was already half-shutdown. They've blocked all of the passages inside it only the ones to let guests that got out from movies to go home. We took the LRT back to Cempaka and by the time we got there, Myra took a cab back home while I ride on my bike heading home. I guess that was it. It was more about my outing lah. Hope you guys weren't all that disappointed that this is just a normal diary post. Hahahaha

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  1. smurf movie cool :)

    ive been there for screening too


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