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Thank God It's Friday - 19th August (Finally!)

Can't believe it is 19th of August already!!!! Yeay!!!! TGIF, TGIF, TGIF, TGIF....!!!!!! Let's listen to Katy Perry's Last Friday Night in commemoration of celebrating today's Friday, 19th of August!!!!

Do you guys know why am I being so chipper about it?
Because it is finally freakin Friday, 19th of August!! And what of that date? One particular news is that it is FINALLY, FINALLY, FINAAAAALLY, the last day of practicum. Which means tomorrow is the final day I'll be a trainee teacher in Semukhsin. And after that, I shall reclaim my status as a university student once more! That means, no more Mr. Role Model, Mr. Short Cropped Hair, Mr. I'm-damn-formal, Mr. Disciplined, and welcome back, myself!!!!

So, in order to celebrate the arrival of August 19th, we decided to hit the McDonald's in Semenyih. This time around, it is a possible feat because I've brought my mom's car. So, I could fit in all of the girls. But only CZL and Tini could come as they were still awake, unlike KY who is fast asleep in dreamland.

We wanted to go online and check out Facebook and stuff, taking advantage of the wireless internet connection there. But the problem is, there's only but a few power plugs available in the place and the only ones that are available are being gang-banged by a group of university guys (Nottingham? I don't fucking think so! They look ragged and too hippity hop.) who are doing, as what they say, "an assignment" on junk food intake. Hmmm, interesting location to do that kind of topic.

They even put up some recordings of their own. But seriously, our comments about them (not TO them) were damn harsh. Their English sucks, their pronunciation is damn terrible, their sentence structure is horrifying and the worse is their accent. And I'm pretty sure that's not English, that's Manglish. I can tell. So, in our case of who should get the power plug, we decided to let them have the fun first since they're the ones with the "assignment" which more or less looked like just a simple recording for fun, like we did before. I don't know ... maybe I am just being mean.

So, because we had to give it up for the time being (we told them they could use it first, and later we want to use it), we decided to get started with out little project of contribution to the school. We had the pictures printed out and all pasted up in the frame, the only thing left to do is to decorate the frame as it were too plain and simple.

 Okay, time to take out our kit. Let's see.....

What to draw?
We started with some rough draft on what to draw...

We were quite satisfied with sea shells and the sort. But I told them that I imagined something more or less like some entangling vines of the sort. 

CZL wasn't sure of how to draw it and so we Googled for the images.

I told her that I like something like this. But not necessarily have to be the heart-shaped. Because we do need to form it around the frame, most possibly just in a vertical line or horizontally. It is freaking impossible to draw like that on a small-rimmed frame.

So, after measuring and sorts, we decided to do my vine-thing because it is like, easier to do so.

Once the drawing process is done, it was time to start painting the vines with colors. But my camera's battery run out when CZL and Tini started coloring and so there's no picture of them coloring or recording of it. I went to charge my camera's battery by plugging in the USB stick to my camera.

Finally, after w'ere done with our coloring and frame editing, the other university guys are done with their "assignment" too. And so, we quickly grabbed ourselves, rushed to the area where the boys were, to enable us to use the power plug.  

Damn! They're such a messy bunch. They didn't clean up after themselves, and left fries and burger plastic wrapper everywhere. And I think they spilled some drinks too because some part of the table was really sticky. Alas, we cleaned it up, and provide ourselves with better environment to do work and have fun. But as it turns out, the internet connection is damn fucking slow. I wonder why...... So, I didn't want to waste time for the internet to pick up and pace themselves and so, I just stick to my camera, taking pictures and recording stuff....

And just when we started to get bored, guess what? McDonald's change it's playlist from English songs to Chinese song (which is quite enjoyable), and finally Raya songs.

Man, that was nostalgic, and seriously entertaining. I can't even stop myself from singing along the songs. I guess that it what Raya songs could do to all those that celebrates it. We felt jolly and happy, and feels like wanting to sing and dance along with the tunes! 

And so, we did a lot of silly things and spent quite some time at the McDonald's. Well, 2 hours and half is really not that long if you'd compare to my usual time spent at a McDonald's just for hanging out. Which would normally be more than 3 hours. But sine CZL was sleepy already in order to be able to wake up in the morning to go to school, as am I, we hit back home around 3am. If you're wondering what time did we arrive at the McDonald's in the first place, we arrived around 12.45am or so. So, with tonight's passing moments, glorious glorious moments spent in Semenyih, as it will be the LAST time I ever hang out here in Semenyih, I would like to say this to all the people out there, those that haven't been to Semenyih or afraid to,


So sorry if my shout out about Semenyih is more about foods than the facilities here. Well, truth be told, in terms of facilities, they do kind of suck. Hard to get buses, KTM is far away. You either take one in Kajang or in UKM (much father). The real town-like area is only Kajang, and even Kajang doesn't have what it takes for a good running town. That is why most of the students here, when I ask them, where do they hang out, the common answer would be : TIMES SQUARE or sometimes I would get either PAVILION or MID VALLEY. You know the answers, so you guess what the residents here would think of Semenyih, really.

p/s: Check out my Youtube Channel, if you want to see the compilation of all the silly recordings made during this outing.


  1. Wow, the final day already? Time flew really fast, right? Congrats! Can't wait for our turn (>.<)

  2. Thanks!!! Good luck for the remaining months to go!!!! Time flew fasT? at first it does. But once you get to the last few weeks, it gets longer...


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