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Practicum : Day 72, August 18th

 Damn, of all the things to hit during this time and moment, my eyes had got to get swollen. And right on the final day of my teaching, too. Technically, my last teaching day would be on the 19th of August but Thursday marks the day where I last enter my classes since on Friday the 19th, I have no classes. So, it is damn unfortunate of me that my eyes is darn swollen up like this.

hideous, isn't it?

But, I braced it all, and just kept with it. I went to school, act like nothing happened, and although nothing actually happened, many saw of the 'eye' condition and kept on asking, "allergic ker? gatal ker? ni kenapa bengkak ni, mesti kuat skodeng anak dara orang neyh!?" OH please, I wouldn't even sink that low to peep at girls. It's morally questionable, okay?!

Today, before the afternoon session starts, there's an official meeting or "Majlis Ilmu" as what the headmistress would call it, for all of the Muslim teachers only. That includes myself. Since I've already there in the school around 10am, there's no need for me to rush over to the school, afraid that I might not arrive in time for the meeting. What's the topic for discussion? The date of the new Surau's launch, newly ordered chairs and desks which costs about RM26k, and a couple more sensitive issue, not advisable to be shared at all to outsiders. So, in case you're wondering, it had something to do with the government and the sorts.

Today, after my first class with the 1C, I had some ample time around and since I am leaving this school tomorrow, then there's absolutely perfect sense if I were to start cleaning up and packing up my things and organizing my stuff. And so what I did with my spare time today at school. Cleaning, packing, organizing, and tidying up my things. I placed them all in a box, for easy carriage.

Right when I was in the middle of all those packing and tidying up, my students from 1C came over, like on Tuesday, to spend time with me. Well, not casually of course. I had them singing the school anthem for me, and I recorded them. It's the price to pay if they really want to stay in the room, because I am as sure hell not gonna be responsible for themselves, skipping classes.

After school today, I head back straight to Ampang to get the car from my mom because I wanted to bring all those luggage back home. And it is an impossible feat if I am riding a bike. That would take like, more than  10 trips forth-and-back-and-forth-and-back till I am finally done. So, a more practical option is just to take the car and be done with it. But since my mom isn't home until much later in the night, I decided to hit the Bazaar Ramadhan with my lil sis first.

My brother's not here, he is still in GMI and won't be back until tomorrow's night. At least my sister was around to accompany me. And it is quite rare actually to see her around because she's becoming a lot like me when I was in my first year in unisel. Rarely stays at home, always going out all the time, and come home late. I know, that's not good. But hey, I can't keep on forcing her not to go out because we've beaten her a lot already for doing so but still doesn't give any real smack of the universe in her brain to get the picture enough and come right to her senses that it is not good to go out during the night and stay out so late. It's not befitting of a lady to do so.

Dear sis, I really hope you would come to your senses and become more feminine, ladylike, and a good daughter. Don't make me regret asking my mom to give birth to you now.

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