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Practicum : Day 71, August 16th

Alhamdullilah, I didn't get any nightmare last night when I went to sleep because personally, I was damn afraid to go to sleep at all last night because of the nightmare. And after knowing about the Ghost Month and that the critical time was around 11pm to 3am, I tried not to go to sleep during that time at all, fearing that I might be 'disturbed' and got nightmares again. And so, I only went to bed to sleep around 3.30am, when I thought it was already safe. Silly...right?

But apparently, it wasn't all that silly, at the very least because thanks to God that I didn't got any nightmares at all. I even did all the things I should do before going to bed last night. I washed all of my hands, my legs, took ablution, recite the three Qul's and Al-Fatihah, and the prayer to go to sleep and finally lay calmly on the bed and shut my eyes. And thankfully, it worked. I slept soundly and even manages to wake up early today's morning.

Once again, I brought my laptop to school today, to spend most of my time because I knew I'm going to be bored waiting fro my class which started later around 3pm when the school actually starts at 12.30pm. That leaves me quite some time to spend and I had nothing to do if I didn't bring my laptop.

Thankfully to the laptop, I wasn't all that bored. Before the wireless internet connection at the school started to suck real bad, I managed to check out some Youtube videos on gameplays on Dragon Age 2 and check out some gameplays of different classes in the game for guides and walk-through when I'll be playing that game later on this weekend. 

But then the line went bad. Right after the line went bad, I plugged in my external hard disk and started locating movies to play. And then I found the Mummy. The first movie. My god, that was ancient, but it was still quite a nice movie. At least it manages to keep me entertained until my class which started at  3pm. 

That's my 1A class which my lesson for today is the character and characteristics of the Boscombe Valley Mystery comic novel. I was already devastated thinking that today would be my last class with them and I'm still troubling them with more notes and homework. Because from what I knew, tomorrow is holiday, so there's no school, and that only leaves Thursday for farewell session. But CZL told me that according to the timetable for this Ujian Setara 2, Form 1 starts their exam on Thursday. That means, they'll be undertaking exams and I'll be invigilating them, which equals to no talking and chit-chatting session.....

But according to my students from 1C instead, on Thursday, there'll only be tests papers for Arabic classes and those undertaking KKQ subjects. Which means that they would still have no papers on Thursday, which means there would be time for farewell and sorts. Personally, I'm not hoping for them to do a proper farewell for me, just wanting to leave them all looking happy and fun, not all pouted and down because our last farewell is filled with more notes and homework.

After my English period with the 1C, they had PJK and most of the girls from the 1C refuses to go for PJK because they weren't allowed to play at all, but instead, stayed at the classrooms, doing their own work. So, some of them went back with me to the conference room, wanting to hang out with me inside there because they knew that I'd be leaving this Friday and they wanted to spend more time with me. Honestly, I'm not thrilled at all that they'd be skipping their classes with the other teacher, because I wouldn't like it if my students went out to go to another teacher and hangs with them while I'm having a P&P session. 

But if I were to have them do something inside the room, instead of just hanging around, then there'd be a good reason enough to keep them there. And so I did, they did some errands for me, fetching things and photocopying papers. So, at the very least, it wouldn't be like I'm taking them out of the class for nothing. I wanted to do a video on their school song because I love the song's tempo but I asked them to sing for me. We did the video but there's so much wrong to it that I think I might want to re-do it once more. I hope so....

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