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Practicum : Day 70, August 15th

You don't fucking know how frightened I was this early morning around 3am over when I was woken up by a fucking seriously scary nightmare. It was almost supernaturally real. I don't want to tell you guys what happened in the dream because it was really creepy to even remember it and even mention it. But what happens when I woke up from the dream was even creepier.

I couldn't even wake up after dead. I remember waking up, by my eyes were shut tight and couldn't even gather the strength to even force myself up. I was exhausted, totally out of energy and didn't have the energy to wake up. But there's one thing in particular that scared me even more at that time. I could swear I hear a loud breathing. I'm not sure whether it was mine or .......................... because I was half-conscious that time, trapped between awake and asleep. Anyway, enough of that, I'm starting to feel goosebumps writing this down.

So yeah, this week finally came. The final week of my practicum. The final week. Week 14, the week that all of my friends and myself have been waiting all these time. Can't wait for practicum to finally ends. Only four days left to go to school and it is finally over. Truly and truly. God, I really can't wait to go back being a student once more. At least now that I have the perspective of how a teacher would feel, at least I hope I could respect my lecturers even more.

So, finally, today's official assembly is the final assembly which I have to attend. No more assembly, no more feeling the heat on the afternoon, no more taking pictures of students receiving awards and stuff. No more standing straight while listening to all three songs being played and singing it along, no more raising my palms up to read the vows, no more hanging out at the audio room during the assembly, no more. No more all of those. It's saddening when you think about it again. Yeah, usually, during the assembly, I would be hanging out in the audio room, which is really not a room, more like garage or so...or like store room.

Usually, in the room, there's four boys whom I've gotten acquainted with since I've been hanging out in the room so much. Even they accept my presence there and we'd have fun laughing once or twice.

The assembly today didn't take that quite long at all. It was only for a short while, just to announce the winners, the best disciplined class, the cleanest class for last week, and the class with the most attendance, and gave them certificate. Even the Penyelia Petang, Puan Azizah wasn't there, attending a meeting for all of the higher boards of the school authority in the conference room. When I got back to the room after the assembly, the meeting was still in progress. But I made my way to the other side of the room to our section.

Surprisingly, CZL and KY was still there, right in front of their laptop. When I sat down, KY was already starting to pack up her things to go back home already but CZL kept on doing work on her laptop. Apparently she even stayed up until the afternoon session finishes, which means she kept me company for the whole day because I had no classes at all for the whole day and so both of us were rooted at the end of the table, all locked up doing our personal things. CZL with all her journals, and marking the students' exercises book while I was all up and surfing the Youtube for more guides and gameplay on Dragon Age 2 uploaded by other players of that game to see which is the best.

I guess that was it for the whole day today. Nothing much. But there's something fun happened during the iftar later on today. Check out next post in order to know more....

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  1. The pic in te fb te 2 indian bitches acting so good bt loose everything acting like good grils. Always together till now n doing bitch stuff together also.


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