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Practicum : Day 69, August 12th

Friday..........hmmmm... since this is a delayed update,  I might forgotten a few details about what happened on Friday. Hence, this might be a short post.........I said maybe. I can't remember well what did I do in Friday morning other than that I woke up at around 10am to 11am and then do everything in procrastination. However, I could remember that on Friday, I was damn fucking excited to go back to Ampang already.  Oh wait, now I remember!!!
On Friday, I was finally in better shape. In better health to make it clear. Recently I've been sick, remember? Parched and swollen uvula, sinus, and on Thursday, fever. I was finally free from that sickly chain of illness. I was exuberant and energetic by Friday morning, all healed up and ready to hit back to Ampang. And because of that, too, I was feeling really lazy to go to school.  Oh god, only 5 days left, counting on til next week.

Since I know that on Friday that I had no classes and since recently, there's been less relief classes to go to, I know I'd be bored that day. So, I brought my laptop along, to watch movies or just mess around to kill time.

But, luckily, somehow, the library's wireless internet connection finally functions well to reach the conference room like before and I used the line to surf Youtube and check out videos on Dragon Age 2 gameplays since I'm looking out for guides on how to maximize the usage of a mage in the game or at the very least survive in the game. It went all so fine until the rain suddenly fell down.

And it wasn't one of those normal rain like we had been having this week. It was a heavy one. Thunder rumbling and lightning's flashing. 

The rain caused the internet connection to get disconnected. So, I stopped surfing. But there's like one hour left to leave the school. So, I played a movie on my laptop, just to pass the time. Surprisingly, that day, I didn't even step out of the room at all like I used to. I ended up all crept up inside the whole time until the school bell rang.

After school, it was still raining but it were just a mere drizzle. But who would've guessed that even a drizzling rain could be such a pain for motorcyclist. Why? Because when I was riding the winds heading to GMI to pick up my brother to bring him back home to Ampang, I was hit by that same drizzling rain all the way. You know what it felt like? Like you're being hit with a rain of little stone which is quite a painful thing. But that can never compare to the overall. What is the overall pain?

Cold raindrops
motorcycle accelerated velocity
 raindrops reaching impact surface on the body
and what you get is


It is really painful, I'm not lying. You could ask the all of the motorcyclist about it, and you could always figure out why the motorcyclist would be taking cover under the bridge or any place during the rain, instead of going through it like a fool, like me. Another reason was that I was only wearing a single piece of clothing, without no sweaters or raincoat. That's why.

So sorry if Friday's post is not really about my school day because there wasn't much happening that day itself. So please excuse the irrelevant chatter.

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