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Practicum : Day 68, August 11th

Guess my health condition is really not in top shape for these past few days. The day before, my throat was parched and my uvula got swollen up and all red. Yesterday, my sinus acted up, resulting in major flu and runny nose. And today, guess what sickness hit me?

Yes, I had fever. I could swear I noticed something was happening last night when I couldn't sleep properly as I kept on creeping up to the toilet, pissing once in a while because it was so damn cold. I tried covering myself with a blanket, ignoring the cold but it was still damn freezing. I thought maybe because of the rain because I did remembered it was raining. But apparently, when I woke up this morning, my body gotten so warm and I can't even stand the cold.

Right there and then, I knew it, I had FEVER. Gggrrrr................but I did braced myself with all the fever went to school. Of course, I had to wear a sweater over my shirt because I was feeling so cold. Seriously, the other motorcyclist on the road was looking all weird at me whenever we stopped by a traffic light because it was damn sunny and hot this morning. It was really flaring because I could swear I couldn't even looked up to the sun at all because of the sun flare. I kept on blinking. So, despite the heat, people looked weird at me because I'm wearing my thick wool sweater on. They must have thought myself as being crazy for wearing in the middle of the heat. But I had fever.

Well, hey, at least the teachers at school didn't look weird when they saw me all bundled up in my sweater. Immediately they could tell that I was having a fever. How attentive. Or maybe my pale-face, dried lips, and glacial soulless motions portrayed it too obviously? Heh. Yesterday when I went out to buy foods for iftat I stopped by the Pustaka Rakyat in Pekan Semenyih to buy a new file because my previous file can no longer hold enough papers and documents. So I got myself a larger ring white file.

I spent most of my time when I got to school today, I spent most of my time extracting all of my documents from the previous file to the new file while waiting for CZL to finishes her class. I am quite happy that my new file could fit all of the documents perfectly and had some more extra room for extra documents that might be accessible next week. The only thing was that the ring was quite thick, making it much harder to shift papers along the ring. Because the punched out holes on the paper isn't that large but the ring is. You'd understand.

Today, all of the disciplinary and counselling teachers gathered at the Assembly Hall and called up all of the problematic students over and forced them to sit over there during the whole day today. They had this long session of sermon where they are being pummeled again and again about proper behavior and manners. Guess those teachers were really tired of entertaining the non-ending queue of disciplinary problems day after day, relentlessly without no end. This way, they could knock some sense into them.

Perhaps, right? I really hope that it would work, because I kind of pitied them a lot. I wouldn't even want to be a disciplinary teachers here in Semukhsin because the numbers of cases never cease to go down in numbers at all. Every single day, there's always a case. I could even go nuts if I were to keep it up for a long time. Let's give a big round of applause to these teachers who had been in this school much longer than I did and still manages to keep it together. They're such incredible individuals.

Because of the fever today, I kind of wanted to skip all of the lesson today and even refuses to go to class but I can't. But somehow, I got kind of a bit lucky when Madam Neik came over to me asking to take over her relief periods while she goes inside 1C to do oral test. At one point, I hesitated because I had been on a perfected lesson plan schedule where I had plan everything to teach for this week and the next, so I didn't want to mess it up. But at one point, I was relieved because at the very least, I could rest during the relief classes instead of shouting my lungs out at the students, trying to teach them. So, I did took over her relief classes. Thankfully, because of the discipline sermon done by the disciplinary teachers, all of the naughty and bad students are not in the classes. At least, the class was much more easier to control. To not keep me from getting bored during relieving, I decided to finish up the Goosebumps series that I borrowed from the library. But it was such a funny thing that when I was reading the book, I finally dozed off in the middle of relieving a class. That was such a failure. I shouldn't have dozed off like that. It's not a good thing. But what can I do, I was out of energy because of the fever and I had nothing to do other than reading the book. Combination of these situations led me to snoozing off in the class.

 For the rest of the day, after my relief classes and my class with 1A, I went back to the room, reading the books and dozing off every moment or so. At least I am not that scared because I had nothing else to do and I am not in need of any help from the teachers. I felt............. relieved. But I was really out of energy today, up until the moment school ended. Right after the bell rang, I got a little energy up and running again because I had to walk a distance to the girls' house to get my bike and head out.

Head out? Where? Hehehehe............
find out on the next post....

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