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Practicum : Day 66, August 9th

Damn, when I woke up this morning, my throat was parched and I have a major sore-throat. At least that is how I recognize it by the pain at at the back of my throat and near the uvula region. Uvula? Don't know what's that? Urmm.. check your dictionary. I don't know the BM term for it. Hehehe....But despite the pain, I tried to ignore it though I am trying so hard not to try and make it go away by drinking warm water which is really not a problem seeing I have all the necessary medicines and stuff to fix it. But since I'm fasting, I had no choice but to bear the pain of it whenever I'm talking or even try to swallow my saliva. Sounds disgusting, right?

Anyway, today, I tried to come to school early because I need to take the morning session's teachers photos instead because I've covered all 95% of the afternoon session teachers and only a couple more left to go but I had not started on the morning session teachers yet. So, to do it, I decided to come early today and ask CZL to help me out. So, with her help, I manage to cover about 80% of the morning session teachers. 

And with that number, that raises up the numbers of photos taken to about 150 photos, out of 180++ teachers photos. That means I have about 30 more to go. But the problem is, some of the teachers refused to let their pictures taken and some of them are always on the go, which means I can only find them at certain times and once I've missed that opportunity, it wouldn't come back so easily. I'm almost giving up taking more photos right now, thinking that I should just go ahead with all of the photos I've taken. But by doing so, that would make me a..... non-professional person as I'm being either lazy or not truly hardworking enough to get all of the teachers' photos. But I think you would understand why I am thinking like this......

Anyway, there's nothing much else to talk about today other than the fact that I have to take off the videos of the Semukhsin teachers that I did last week because there's a few teachers who kindly requested me to take it off from the public view of Youtube because it is not professional. *drats*

So guys, I'm so sorry, I have to take it off.
Urm, today's blog is rather short on the content because I have another blog post coming up after this about the break-fasting session today.

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