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Practicum : Day 65, August 8th

Guess what time did I woke up today?????
What does that indicate????


Pardon my language, for that was my response when I did woke up this morning. I was damn fucking late. Because school started around 12.30pm and I had woken up only after 12.15pm, which by school's rules, I was supposed to be there at school before 12.15pm. Thus, I'll be late. I had to crammed everything in fast because afternoon session starts at 12.30 and that leaves me exactly 15 minutes to get prepared and drive like the wind to school. Unfortunately, I was late and arrived to school only after 12.48pm.

God, this was the first time I am ever late to arrive to school. What? Yes, although I had been late for two times already before this but those were exceptional because there's a valid reason for me not being able to arrive early. Motorcycle brake pedal broken and brought to the workshop to fix and also because of the Bank Islam incident. But today was actually my first time ever coming late because of no valid reason. It was because I overslept. Damn.

When I got to school, the official assembly had started and I grabbed any nearby chairs at first because I don't want to be seen as a latecomer for the other teachers. After a few moment, I went to the usual seating. Today's assembly consists of the launching of the Humanity Month or Bulan Kemanusiaan for those who don't get it. But before that, Puan Mahashela and Puan Roniza were awarded with the Guru Cemerlang of the month for July.

Then Puan Norul Ain continued it with the ceremony of bestowing awards for the most active students during the Science and Mathematics month.

And to celebrate the launch of the Humanity Month, a volcanic eruption demonstration was done by the students from 1 Unik. 

Today's event was nothing much other than going here and there, remembering all of the teacher's name and position inside the teachers room in order to memorize their name and do a checklist for picture-taking. What is it for? Actually, since we had nothing to contribute to the school for our parting, and since I saw a photo frame inside the headmistress's office given by the trainee teachers from UPSI (which she kept on being proud of it), I decided to do something off more or less the same by giving the school a photo frame too.

But here's our twist. I decided to fill the photo frame with collages of all of the teachers's pictures in it. So at the very least, it won't be just a plain photo frame with beautiful artwork, but with lots of the teacher's happy faces. Quite not a bad idea, right?

So, the checklist is to make sure of which teachers have I taken their photos or not. So far, I've manage to take 90% of all the afternoon session teachers' photo and I still haven't started on all of the morning session teachers' photos. Wish me luck that I could finish taking all of the photos before this week ends so that I could get it to a shop to be printed and placed it in a nice simplistic frame but stylish enough.

Only two weeks left (10 days left, if you wanted to count the real numbers) before all this practicum stuff to finish. Feeling sad? Hardly. I am more excited to get this over with because I can no longer keep this up, all this fake rapport of a role model and good adult in front of all of the students and teachers. I'm really not a well-mannered kind of person and more of a boisterous and spunky little brat kind of person. I like to curse, shout and even act childish. So all this teacher stuff is really not me and I am trying my best to suppress it all inside so that I will be a more presentable person in front of them.

It is not that I don't love the school and all its inhabitants, as a matter of fact, I LOVE THEM ALL a lot. I LOVE SEMUKHSIN DAM HELL LOTS! And if I do were given an option to become a real teacher, I won't mind to become a teacher in this school despite the terrible ill-mannered students. But I trained myself to not get too attach to this school so that it won't make leaving any more harder than it is. Well, yes because all of the teachers are super nice and we couldn't ask for a better company than all those loving mothers and elder sisters.

p/s: My BlackBerry is now up and running again after two months not being able to call or text, or even use any of the apps because I haven't paid my bills. But now I paid my bills and so I can do everything normally again. Yeay~!

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