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Practicum : Day 64, August 5th

All those uploading photos, updating blogs, and editing the survey videos I did on the night before Friday took a toll on me on the Friday morning itself as I woke up late that morning. But thankfully that Friday classes started at 2.30pm like the usual timetable, only that it finishes much more faster than usual which is at 5.30pm because of the fasting month. I took my time that Friday morning, doing everything at a very slow pace as I've nothing much to do. I had no idea for the next week lesson plans so I didn't wrote any and so far everything was in check except for the term paper progress.
When I got to school, I saw this tupperware of bubur lambuk on my area of the table.

Tini told me that it was that Marshitah teacher who gave it to us. Apparently, she cooked a lot of it and gave to everyone in the school. That's nice of her. May Allah bless her with good fortune. Amen. Since I had no classes on Friday, I decided to spend my time by surveying and interviewing the teachers this time around like the ones we did at the McDonald's. The same question but with a little twitch of course. So I dragged myself to the teachers room to get started.

But not many teachers were there as they've gone to their classes to teach. Only a few of them were there but I did not give up hope. But when I asked Kak Hadfizah to do the interview, she said yes, if only I helped her with her science program. Yup, those piles of papers you see in the picture above is what I'm supposed to help her with. These are photocopied sets of paper which have 20 pages for each sets and I have to help her sort each pages of paper to form one mini booklet of 20 pages. And each page have about 200 copies.

God damn, I was working like a robot doing it. Picking up papers by papers, according to the pages and pile it up. The same process keeps on repeating. I was helping her for about and hour but the remaining papers still seem like they never cease down. Like, if I were to do it, it'd take forever to finish. My arms had started to feel sore for doing the same thing again and again like a robot. Because most of the time, my body is static but my hands are stretching here an there to grab papers and my fingers were flicking the papers to make sure they're exactly one copy per pages. Damn it was tiring, but I'm not complaining. At least I know what factorial robots would feel like if they had feelings.

I was helping her non stop until she finally told me to stop and she shall continue doing it on Monday. Since I have no classes on Monday, I think I will help her again next week. But after all those paperwork, it was 4pm over and I started doing the interviews from the teachers. Man, these teachers are funny! Seriously, I kept on laughing for each and one of the interviews. As a request from some of the teachers, I had to take off the videos from the public views, so, I apologize for not being able to put the video up online anymore.

As usual for the rest of the week, I break my fast over at the girls because I'm lazy to rush back over to Kajang to my auntie's house because during this time and hour (6pm and especially during the fasting month), there's always a traffic jam. With the Bazaar and everyone parking their cars almost everywhere, it is quite not a mobile-friendly environment. And this is why I opted to break my fast with the girls.

And after break-fasting, CZL, Tini and I got so caught up chatting that we didn't realize time was moving really fast. By the time we know it, it was already 10pm. But we kept on chatting on and on. But I guess that is where it all went wrong. WHY? Because after that, our discussion went seriously heavy on the ghost and spiritual department. At first we all had goosebumps but we ignored it. It was then until we kept on having goosebumps and the dogs outside kept on barking loudly that we figured it is best that we stopped talking about it. Because all three of us had this very chilled expression and we felt .........something. At that point, I was too scared to go out from the house to even go back to Kajang. CZL asked me to spend the night at their house because she feels that it might not be safe for me to head back during that time because it was already almost midnight. And we wouldn't want to risk anything happening.. right?

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