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Practicum : Day 63, August 4th

Seriously weird dream this morning. A weird one. I don't really know how to begin but all I can remember was that it really was weird dream. Lately, I have been having dreams in sleep. I am not saying that I am weird or what but for the past few weeks or so, I don't really seem to dream that much as I did recently. But there's not much of a happy or good dream. Weird dreams, if I would say. Anyway, I was scared this morning when I was on my way to the school because is started raining on my way. Thank god that the rain stopped for a while, giving me a good escape from the rain.
Hmmm............there's not much of an issue today to be talked about other than the anticipated final observation for this practicum by Dr.Siva today. So, when I got to school, he had left the school during the intervals of the morning session to the afternoon session. So, there's actually exactly two hours left before my observation started. We decided to hit the canteen to buy dishes for break-fasting because the girls seemed like a bit hesitant to tag along with me to go the Bazaar to buy food.

The thing is that the canteen had changed owners starting this week because the contract with the previous owner had finished and they did not wish to renew their tender. So, a new owner stepped in to keep the canteen running. The rumor is that the new canteen workers cooked more variety of dishes and foods than the previous ones and much more delish-looking. So, we wanted to check it out.

And, the rumors were true that the foods are much better because they have more variety of foods to be chosen than the previous owners. So we bought some dishes for break-fasting and asked KY to bring it back home first because she wanted to go back home first. I asked CZL to stay over at school to hear Dr.Siva's comment for our observations. At least we could hang out and talk while waiting for him and interval within classes.

Latest addiction of mine was reading the library books when I have free time, which is quite a lot recently considering I did all of my lesson plans a week earlier. This way, I would have less thing to worry by the end of practicum so that I have more time to be mingling with the teachers before we finally set off from the school.

I remembered back when I was in school, I used to read a lot of these Goosebumps series. My friend love to bring it over to the school and let other people borrow it for pleasure reading. I love reading these kinds of novels so much. I'm not into love or romance novels because they're too cheesy and it makes me sick. I preferred ghost stories of mysteries like these books. They're fun to read and much more interesting. Of course, comedy are my most favorite kind of novels. I can never get enough laughter from reading. Especially Sin Chan's series.

So, here we are, the jurisdiction of my final observation. His comments? Well, I'll just summed it up and make it short. I have too much grammatical errors in the passage that I adapted from the textbook, particularly tenses. My presentation stage doesn't excite my students that much like last week's observation, and mostly rest on my smoothness of executing the lesson. There was too much pauses, and my speech wasn't fluent and smooth, as what he said. Personally, I get what he meant that I am not fluent enough or smooth enough. This has nothing to do with my speaking skill, but the fluency of delivering the lesson. Because I talked slowly, and the pace was too slow. My defense for that comment was that the students are not of good proficiency and if I were to speak at the normal speed, then they would never understand a single thing. But hey, at least my grade was not that bad. I managed to maintain my marks from last week despite a lot of bad comments. That was good enough for me.

While waiting for school to end today, I borrowed CZL's laptop and watch all of the videos I uploaded on my Youtube Channel about the practicum course days. We watched the videos and laughed to a few of it and  suddenly all three of us (Tini, CZL and I) kept on talking about can't wait to finish the practicum and to become students ourselves once again. Being a teacher is fun, like I said. But I think that's enough. I missed being a student myself. I guess this what people meant by enough is enough. Seriously, we're counting the days eagerly. Only two weeks left. But those two weeks felt like it took almost forever to come. Time is really  pacing slowly. Sigh...................

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