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Practicum : Day 62, August 3rd

Second day of fasting in school. Not such a great thing. Though 1C are behaving much better than their lazy attitude yesterday, the 1A students are giving me a headache today. Today, they're the ones who are being all lazy and sleepy. I wanted to conduct my lesson but their yawning and inconsiderate remarks about them being so tired and sleepy for the few minutes I've entered the class made me feel so mad. So I gave them time to rest for a while, delaying my lesson. But I guess this where the Malay proverb, "bagi betis nak peha" can be applied.

What happens was these three Muslim girls were asking me for a time-out, or at least a ten minute of break. So I told them all (the whole class) that I'm giving them 10 minutes of break and I shall continue the lesson. During that time, I gave permission for the Malay students to sleep for a while. Hey, I am not that cruel, asking them to keep awake and force themselves to learn when all they can think about is sleeping or being so tired. But instead, they ended up chit-chatting. This is particularly to the three Muslim girls that asked for a time-out. I told them again and again that I'm giving them time to rest. So, make full use of it by taking a short nap. But they used that time chit-chatting. I got mad because not only that they are misusing the break time I gave them, but they're making such loud noises when they clatter at the back. I told them to stand until the end of the period. I know it sounded kind of a bit weird when I'm explaining this, but trust me, what actually happened inside the class was much more worse.

Here's another key events being discussed about today. Not among the students or teachers, but rather my classmates and I, particularly all of the TESLite students who are undertaking practicum right now. There was this heated discussion of whether or not is it worrying and unconventional for teachers to hang out and mingle with the students. Personally, I said yes. It is a worrying and unconventional for teachers to hang out and mingle with the students. There's a lot of key points why I said that but I'm too tired to re-write everything back. You can never be too close with the students up to the point you are going to hang out with them outside of the school compound. We, as trainee teachers, cannot guarantee anything might not happened to those students. We could be charged responsible if anything happens. And if it did, we could fail our practicum. To make matters into not a biased perspective that only we trainee teachers shouldn't do that, I decided to do a little survey with the teachers inside the school itself.
Most of the teachers that I interviewed, gave a pro and con answer to the question of whether it is a good thing or not for teachers to become friends with the students and even hang out with them both inside and outside of the school compound. But 8 out of the 10 teachers that I asked are leaning more towards the act of hanging out with students is not a good thing. There are limitations to how a student-teacher relationship can go and you can never try to cross that boundary. It is not advisable to do so. This might cause to quite a number of disciplinary matter. Disrespect to the teachers, encouraging loitering to the students (which is a bad influence considering that loitering is a complete waste of time. This applies to the students, not us as adults. We have different needs for loitering which is to get out of the stress zones and release our tensions...), creating a common ground between the teachers and the students which will result in students can talk informally and using rude language to the teachers, and most scary issue of all, is sexual encounter. We can never imagine when these kinds of things can happened, and it is best to avoid it if possible. Am I right or wrong?

Personally, I reminded myself that our lecturer warned us to not do those things because of a good reason. They wouldn't warn us if there's nothing to worry about and there are. I am not saying this because of my experience with students because I can say that my students had asked me out a lot of time before, asking me to go eat with them, or even go out to watch movies with them. But I refused. Refusing doesn't mean that I am arrogant or at very least, too obedient, but I wouldn't want to risk anything happening. People create protocols not for naught. There are reasons for it and I am just simply following it. Yes, I know, to each his own. So, here I am pointing out that not everyone might think the same way as I do but at the very least, I am not taking any chances or risk that might screw my practicum. It is almost the end of it and I would't want any last minute endeavor with the students causing me any trouble that would lead me to my practicum failure.

I really wish I could upload all those interviews I've done with the teachers on Youtube but I'm scared that might cause some trouble. So, to play safe, I can only talk about this matter on today's post. Now, my worries lies on my last observation tomorrow. I'm getting pretty worried now. I hope my last observation wouldn't suck as bad as my observation last week. I hope he can see improvement and raise my grade. Please please please oh pleaseeeee!!!!!

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