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Practicum : Day 61, August 2nd

Because Monday was a school holiday, there's no update on Monday. But today, Tuesday is the first day of fasting back in school. The good thing about it is that the school starts one hour earlier and ends almost two hours ealier. That would have make it all a big difference. And a single period only consists of 30 minutes only instead of the usual 35-40 minutes. This would be good in certain cases but at the same time, not quite good on the lesson plan execution department as less time are given to execute activites and the sorts. This would also affect how my last observation would fare this coming Thursday which I am frankly, quite scared of how the students might behaving.

Why? Considering what I saw today, I might have to deal with a little problem with class participation or class control seeing how all of them are super lazy and tired the whole time I'm teaching today. I am talking about 1C of course. 1A seemed to have taken no effect or changes because of the fasting. They seemed energetic and as vibrant as ever. Too vibrant if I may say so because it is still hard for me to be able to control them without them running around here and there, screaming and shouting like little kids. Anyway. If whatever that the 1C students are doing today keeps up until Thursday, I might be facing one big problem where they might not participate well in the class and might not cooperate well enough for me to be able to score a good mark for my last observation. Oh God, please let them be good this Thursday because I am freaking scared of how my marks would fare considering all the lazy upbringing they are showing me today. I am seriously scared of the outcome.

Even the teachers are not in vibrant or cheeky mood today because of the fasting. When I did my usual strolling to the teacher's room today, it seemed dead and quiet, unlike the usual buzzing and noisy atmosphere. Guess it would have make a better sense to think that they too are conserving their energy until the time to break their fast today. But let's talk about today's event for a little bit. Let's see. Today marks the end of the Science and Mathematics Month and winners for all of the contests and competition held during the whole month are given prizes and gifts for their participation and hard work into making it a success.

Hey, even the official assembly today lasted only a few minutes just specially for the prize-giving ceremony. Because right after that, students are let go to their classess for P&P. Anyway, since the assembly today took only a single period and not like the usual long ones, I am kind of forced to take up the relief class of 2F for the first period and the second period since their teacher was absent today. But seeing how the students also might be fasting, I doubt if they would make so much trouble and just opt to stay inside of their classroom. And they did. Today was actually a good day where I heard no announcement being made by any of the teachers, asking students to come to the disciplinary room, indicating that they might be doing something bad. But since it was fasting month, all of the bad and naughty students did took a break from doing crazy misdemeanor and stayed indoor of their classes and just wreak havoc inside. That's a relief, I would say so. But apparently things really aren't as peachy as I thought when I went to the disciplinary room today and saw a parents defending her daughter for a faulty comments she made in Facebook about a teacher in the school. The comment was rather quite offensive and could be taken into consideration as an insult and a mockery to the teacher, resulting her into demerits for her record book inside the school. But the funny thing was that the student's parent came to the school and defended her daughter. It really was such a ridiculous matter. If it were me, the girl seriously deserves some terrible punishment for insulting and threatening the teacher in her Facebook comments. Although it is only a comment, that particular comment could be proof of a mischievous motive that might have already hatched up inside her mind. That Facebook comment would be the most dangerous weapon that a teacher can use back to fight for this case.

Seriously, kids nowadays are just simply rude and obnoxious. They are pampered by the parents so much that they don't know what should and what should not be done. Yes, Facebook is a social network where you can post anything for free without worrying anything but please reconsider talking bad about a teacher when you actually accepted the teacher in her friends' list. That is kind of dumb of the students for doing so. She should have thought carefully before posting such offensive remarks in her Facebook comments. Here's what I thought of, if you wanted to bitch about a teacher or at least to the school, be a wiser person and think before you post something offensive. Especially when it has something to do with your school. It can be used to sue you back and bring you to the court and face messy judgements.

Only two weeks and a half left to go until practicum is over and days are going by much more slower than we wanted. Time are passing by so slowly making us anxious even more to finish it faster and finally go back to Unisel. Being a teacher is fun, no doubt, but seriously, I am missing the life of a student. ~counting the days.

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