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Practicum : Day 60, July 29th

Okay, I know this is quite a late update but let me just think whether or not I can remember what was Friday all about. Friday? Well, yeah. Because I got kind of a bit side-tracked on Friday because I went back home to Ampang that night and there's no hell of a way I could manage to update on that day itself. So here's what Friday all about.
I could remember that it was pretty darn cold that morning because it was raining for quite some time until it finally stopped around 10am when the sun finally start shining and my room was filled with light. It was then that I woke up and spent my time doing............. I can't remember what I get to the point, by 2.15pm, I finally managed to arrive at school. And since Friday is the last day where I get to eat in school because come August, it will be start of fasting month and us Muslim are supposed to fast for the whole month. And in commemoration of our practicum which will end by the 19th of August (which is still in the fasting month), the school teachers made a pre-farewell pot luck that Friday along with welcoming the birth of a child of a teacher and also to welcome Ramadhan. So, you would say it is a 'kill three birds with one stone" kind of situation. 

There were lots and lots of food being brought over by the teachers. Whether it was either cooked, bought, or even ordered specially for the occasion, everything makes it all perfect. And below are only a few of the total amount of foods being served that afternoon.

Although, it was normal to expect that a pot luck is just a normal mass eating together foods brought by themselves, but this was more than just that. There's a commemoration speech, and what we never expected was a prize given by the Kelab Keluarga (a society whose members are all of the teachers) to each and one of us. That was seriously kind and generous of them. We never thought we would receive those. This makes our soon-to-be parting be much more difficult without us having nothing to offer to them.

After the speech and prize-giving moments, it was time to start eating.

My god, those foods are really delicious. And I am not speaking directly because I have not eaten anything else from the morning because I did ate quite a heavy breakfast left by my auntie of some delicious steamed tom yam fish and some rice. That aside, it was really such a feast. Everything was superb and delicious and my best comments was given to the Chicken Rendang. God, that was delicious. These teachers are really such a wonder woman. They are wives, they are mothers, they are teachers, and most of all, they're excellent chefs! I couldn't ask for a better pre-farewell party than this.

Most of my time later that afternoon was checking out MV in Youtube with CZL because I had no classes to attend to and there's nothing much else to do. So, mostly Friday, the pre-farewell party was the only happening thing that happened.

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