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Practicum : August 19th, Final Day, GOODBYE SEMUKHSIN

Damn, final day, and my eyes did not got better, but much worse. The swollen had infected more part of my eyes and more parts are getting swollen and damn it kept on tearing. But alas, since I did not get enough sleep the night before because of the outing (refer to previous post), the eyes weren't resting well and got really red.

Okay. Final day, no class, no relief. All I did was sit in the conference room the whole day. Not really a good thing to do in my final day, no? But it was because of the eyes. If it wasn't because of my eye, I would be prowling about, going here and there, saying goodbyes and farewell, and thanks to all of the nice sisterly teachers that were so kind to me throughout the 14 weeks. But because I was too embarrassed to show up in the teachers' lounger with that eye, I just snuggled up inside our room fixing up my final week's weekly journal and checking up anything that is left to do.

Since both CZL and I did made quite an impression to the form 5 guys students, we did kind of hoping that any of them would come and to wish us farewell, but guess what? Only one of them turned up. The others didn't at all... 

Well, hey at least one of them did turn up and this Vimalen guy is really our fave, truth be told. During both of the camping experience, he's the only one who helped us a damn lot and he's by far the sweetest of them all. He's nice and seriously a good guy. Okay, enough compliments on him. I'm afraid further comments would lead to other thoughts dwindling by.

Finally, on the final day, we received a few gifts for our contribution to the school. Some mugs, and a couple certificates to honor our hard work. At least all of that didn't go to waste, right?

Right after the morning session, afternoon session went by so silently too. I just kept up in the room editing videos and updating my blogs on our previous night's outing. But I wasn't that dumb or ungrateful. Before the bell rang on the final hour, I packed up my stuff earlier half an hour, locked the room and went around, saying my thanks and farewell to other teachers. Gosh, I really am going to miss that school. Not particularly my students, but the school itself.

All the naughty students, all the dirty toilets, all the hectic classes, all the noises and rampant, all the crazy comments made from the students, all the funny teachers, all the crazy kind teachers, all of the activities, all of the authority that a teacher gets, all of that. I am sure going to miss all of that, I'm not going to lie because I do not have the intention to continue my line of work as a all.......well, IDK. That, I leave to God to decide for me, but all I know is that I have no intention to do so. That is all.

To conclude this final day on practicum days posts, let me recite the best of the best Goodbyes that I received on that day itself and that really was my the last one that I got. All the naughty students that always hangs at the back gate (which I always used to go back to the girls' house) all stood up straight, one hands on the side, and the other rose to form a salute, and shout altogether,


Normal people would find it as insulting, but I felt it as the sweetest thing that I got in the school. I got that name in the school, they knew me by that name or nick, and at the very least, they acknowledge that it was my last day. They took the effort to know that it was my last day because as far as I'm concerned, I only told my 1C and 1A students about it....

So, thanks, SEMUKHSIN, for everything. I will never forget you.

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  1. Yes, orang first baca post ni.. -kibou-


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