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My Favorite Smurf

My favorite Smurf would be none other than,

Why him?

Because I could relate myself to him a LOT. I'm a clumsy type of person too. A total klutz and total whoopsie-daisy if you would understand. I can't afford to keep steady even for such an important event. I could be tripping, almost stumbling, or even my favorite knocking over things which supposedly not to. 

Besides, you would love him too because he's clumsy, always getting over heels over head *literally* even in the face of danger. He's funny, and quirky at times, the most practical humor in every comedy you can find. Those people like Clumsy are the ones ending up making you laugh whimsically and hysterically with his out-of-the-box-inappropriate clumsiness even at the face of danger.

Although he's clumsy, not really the leader-material, and definitely not brilliant enough to lead them back to the Smurf Village, you might be surprise of what he can do. There's one thing you should know about clumsy people. They have a way into getting into strange places that can lead them to somewhere else. And this is how my story begins.

NEW YORK : Despite the crazy bustling cars honking around every second or so, the humongous building that seemed like too high to even scrape the sky, and with all of the large humans at sight, Clumsy felt unfazed by it all but rather enjoying the moment and not panicking at all. While the rest of the group, Papa, Gutsy, Grouchy, Brainy and even Smurfette are trying to sink it all with the sudden exposure to huge things while they're only an apple small-sized, Clumsy is already ready to explore the whole new world.

He started running towards the streets, checking out any possible way to have fun and indulge in this strange world full of tall block of buildings and hustling vehicles. All the lights and color, all the vibrant spectrum and funny ambient started to sink inside all of them. In a few moments, they started to feel in the vibes of the place just like Clumsy told them that it was fun~

A few moments later, Clumsy felt a rumble inside his belly and did nothing else than follow his sense to a nearby food source. Despite his reckless behavior of moving on his own, the rest of the group followed him, trying to keep him out of trouble but his senses brought them to a vacant kitchen full of foods.

They thanked him for bringing them over there because all of them were feeling famished too. They had such a wonderful time eating all of the foods scattered everywhere in the kitchen. When they come across the fridge, they were stunned to see why is is that the humans stock their foods inside a cold refrigerated box but despite their curiosity, they loved the food that was inside of it. It was like heaven in a cool box for them. Right after eating and stuffing themselves, Clumsy went on again with his self-centered venture and this time around he wanted to ride on of the fast moving transportation box.

The gush of winds and the aerodynamic pressure felt pressed upon them when they boarded on the roof of the taxi was so extreme that Brainy couldn't stand it and felt scared of falling off. But the rest of the group were enjoying the ride, especially Smurfette. Because she liked the wind blowing off to her, floating her skirts and her hair all over the place. It was such a fun experience. But the taxi suddenly hit a road bump and they all fell of onto the side of the road and Clumsy went rolling down to the sewage drain. 

They climbed down the sewage drain to rescue him and found out that he was perfectly fine. Unable to tell where to go, Papa Smurf was not in a good mood. But Clumsy kept his composure and eccentricity and went strolling down to the other end of the drain. 

His venture led them all to a big gap of hole in the sewage drain and they don't know where else to go. But Clumsy, being himself, suddenly tripped and fell down the big hole. The rest of the group felt panicked and didn't know how to rescue him. Suddenly, an echo sounded from down below, from the hole. Clumsy shouted that they should just jump down and it is perfectly safe. Despite being scared, they all jumped down together, holding hands and closing their eyes.
*thud* *thud* *thud*
Sounds of falling soft things landed on the ground. All of them landed on a wet soft moldy ground and they saw Clumsy standing in front of them, all excited and jittery.

Come on guys, I have something to show you guys, while pointing to an exit from the place they landed. From the end of the tunnel, it looked like sunshine and they all knew that had to be an exit. They went running towards it and when they reached the end, they gasped and their jaws dropped to the floor.

And there it is, their village, right in front of their eyes. They were so happy and relieved that they got back home. They thanked Clumsy for following his instinct despite the messy outcome and for falling down the hole which leads them back to their village. Apparently the hole was a magical door to their dimension. 

The Smurfs

SO, I guess that's it how Clumsy save the day, in my imagination of course! Hahaha! Check out the movie for what really happened in New York, not my fake imagination. Thank you Nuffnang for granting this opportunity.

p/s: all the pictures used in this blog post are all results from the usage of Google search engines. I do not own any of these pictures.

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  1. jokey smurf lover im a girl!!May 19, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    my fav smurf is jokey hes so funny that i hope he gives brainy a suprise!! lol


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