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Miekon's Birth

Last Saturday, I had already planned to go to KLCC Convention Center for the PC Fair being held there. I know, that's not like me because I've never actually really cared about this kind of fair where it is all about gadgets and tech stuff and I'm not one who really into scientific mechanism. The reason was to finally and I mean finally get my own camera. Not a DSLR (I frustrating), but a digital camera. Looking at the financial department, I guess that is the only one I could afford for now. 
Maybe soon, I could collect enough money to buy my own DSLR and when I finally get one of my own, I could make merry. Not to sound like a teenage brat here, but I wanted to buy a DSLR because of the quality pictures that I could take with it, especially macro function which I am a big fan of. I refuse to be acknowledged as one of the teenagers out there that owns a DSLR just because its a trend and you would look cool having one. I am not that kind of person. I love taking pictures and photography is somewhat another passion of mine, besides blogging.

Supposedly, I'd be going out with CZL and most probably with her boyfriend but alas, things didn't quite worked up as planned and I ended up going there with both Myra and my brother who got back to Ampang from GMI the same night I went back to Ampang (Friday night) on the dot. No planning, no backup plans, just simply go. I called Myra, she said yes, picked her up after one hour to let her get dressed and all and I drove all of us to KLCC, just like that.

Alas, objective was secured when I purchased this Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera which is kind of the best of all that I've surveyed (under the price range of RM200-RM400, of course), because the rest was quite over my budget of RM500 and not that I don't want to be spending all that on those but at the very least I still need some money to spend on food and movie for that day. Oppss, didn't I mention? In order to get my brother to tag along, I had to entice him that we'd be catching a movie along the way. Because let's face it, Myra wouldn't mind going out just to hang out, eat and buy something, but my brother wouldn't. I would have to prepare a more concrete reason for us hanging out together. One small slip in the enticing process would have cost me into one lesser company in by that would've cost me the car. No brother, no family following, no car. Simple Mathematical equation my mother gave me.

But my first experience in the PIKOM PC Fair is definitely not a bad one. It was quite a good one. Despite the camera hunting fun, Myra got to enjoy it a wee bit when we pass over to the car section, and my brother enjoyed his time at the game sections where we got a lot of freebies from different game companies such CDs, bookmarkers, posters, reload cards, and more. He said that it was fun and he'd never knew that this kind of event is quite fun to attend to rather than just hanging out with his friends. The best part was at the end of the fair where all the Telco booths are placed. P1, Celcom, Streamyx, Digi, Maxis, you name it, they're all there. These promoters are like crazy shark reporters or what we called it as paparazzi because they were mauling us with lots of offers and shoving us like we're some kind of celebrities (yes, we're not, but its fun to feel important and wanted). At least we know what is it like to be a celebrity being horded by a lot of reporters and paparazzi.

After some tiring time at the fair, we went up to the food court to eat because both Myra and Zufar were already hungry. I wasn't. Because I already ate before we left to go out so I wasn't that hungry.

Zufar's Salmon Bento Set

Myra's Ayam Penyet

My Roasted Chicken and Honey BBQ Chicken Rice Set

Those are from different shops. I guess I need not tell you guys about it and you could still figure out that they're from different shops, right? So sorry, I'm just rambling here. Anyway, after that, we hit the cinemas for  the movie. Oh, what did we see?

Captain America - Man, this movie is kind of awesome. I'd give it an 8 out of 10 for its awesomeness. The CGI is awesome especially the part about the small body plus the hero's adult face. It's just mind-blowing. I kept on looking for flaws of the CGI but I just can't find it. It's awesome. The humor that is splattered around the movie are so fresh that most of it (although placed on weird and almost anti-climatic) are very funny. I loved it so much. The only thing that I didn't quite like was the ending. I guess you better find out about it yourself before I spoil too much about it. It manages to keep me entertain the whole movie, I think it would do the same for you too.

After the movie, we finally got around ourselves and head back home. Man, I hope the next time I came over to KLCC, I might reconsider parking at another place or take a public transport instead because I had to pay a total of RM14 for the parking fee. My god, that's expensive. But it was worth it for the day, at the very least.


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