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Kuih Batik Ala Kadar

For break-fasting last night, Zi Ling decided to donate her share of biscuits which she knew she wasn't going to eat, to make Kuih Batik. So, here's her style of Kuih Batik. Personally, I don't even know how orginial Kuih Batik is made because all I know is how to eat them. Hahaha. So, ingredients:

a packet of biscuits. Okay, I know the original recipe or ingredients used to make Kuih Batik is by using Marie soft biscuits but for the meantime, we'll just work with what we have. And that is why the title of this blog post is entitled "ala kadar" which means "simplicity" in Bahasa Malaysia.

Next, condensed milks. Sweet and evaporated. CZL is using both.

and last but not least, the chocolate agent. Since we don't have chocolate, we're substituting it with Milo. But if I am not mistaken, most Kuih Batik is also made with Milo...right?

Anyway, let's start!

First of all, break the biscuits into tidbits.

and you'll end up with something like that.

Next, starting mixing a little bit of the condensed sweetened milk into a mixing bowl with Milo placed in it already. And then pour quite a lot of the evaporated milk inside the mixing bowl too. We're not using any measurement here. Just plain taste and go.

Then, mix it up well until it became a chocolate-like mixture.

Pour some more of the sweetened condensed milk onto the pile of biscuits.

And finally layer 'em off with the chocolate mixture.

But, we're not actually done yet. The next step consists of mixing everything altogether, making sure all of the biscuits are covered with the chocolate. Then, you're left with two options. Either you bake them in a oven for a while to let the chocolate to cook for a while, enriching the taste, and then placed it in the fridge to be chilled or you could just simply chill it in the fridge for a while to let everything sit still and let all of the chocolate seep into the biscuits. And there, you have it. Kuih Batik, ala kadar~

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