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Iftar with DiGi at The Bee @ Jaya One

Much thanks is due to Jia Ying who gave me her invites to this awesome Iftar event organize by Nuffnang and   sponsored by DiGi at The Bee @ Jaya One.

Seriously, thanks a lot Jia Ying for giving me your invites to this event. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to meet up with other bloggers especially the ones that I shared table with during this event. Actually, I got lost when I was riding my bike there. Yup, I decided to ride my motorcycle instead of taking the public transport like my original plan. I didn't because the roads I'd be taking by a public transport would cost me more money.

Tired of getting lost, I stopped by this Starbucks nearby Jalan 19/1 which my friend used to work at (Izzy). I was actually hoping that I'd meet her and ask her the way. But she wasn't there but instead there was some super gorgeous guys working. Hahahaha! I ended up buying a drink just to be able to talk to them and ask for direction. Pathetic? You tell me~ They ARE super cute! Anyway, after that pit stop, I finally got to Jaya One, parked my motorcycle and went up. But it was still early like 5.30pm And the event actually starts at 6.30pm.

But being there early wasn't all that bad as I get to drink in all of the pretty and refreshing environments. It's actually quite cool looking, that Jaya One place.

The Bee is not quite bad itself. It has the same atmosphere that Starbucks, with exceptional of dishes to be eaten. But it is definitely much more classier than Old Town, I tell you.

Inside, DiGi and Nuffnang already started preparing the place for the event. New HTC phones are on display for us bloggers to tweak and play around with it and be amazed. Gah, I can't wait to get my hands on one of them HTC phones. They're just too awesome!

While I was busy twitching on the HTC phones, bloggers have started to arrive and took seats. 

So, I took my seats with these other three bloggers. Anis, Cikliliyputih, and Khairi (click their names to check out their blogs). Now, let's see what shall we have for iftar today?

At first, most of us thought it'd be more a buffet-style or serving style but it's the normal order style because The Bee wishes us to explore their intricate and delicious exquisite meal on our own choices with their signature dishes and common picks.

So, I chose their signature The Bee Burger because there's a lot of recommendation for their signature burger because it's delicious.

For desserts, I chose Churros with Chocolate Ganache and Caffe Latte for my drinks. But aside from that drink, there's a endless flow of soft drinks/lemonade upon requests in case we're craving for plain old sweetened drinks than caffeinated ones.

 After ordering our dishes, the event finally started with a couple of introductory thanks to both The Bee for hosting the place and DiGi for sponsoring this event. 

In order to wait for the foods to arrived and not to make everyone feel hungry and tickety-tock, some ice-breaking games are due just to kill some time.

But those ice-breaking games aren't for naught. The winners received prizes for their sportsmanship.

After a while, the foods finally arrived.

On our table, The Bee Burger, Chili Prawn Pasta, Prawn Promorgano (or something.. haha!), and finally Fettuccine Carbonara. But it wasn't time yet, so... let's watch some videos.

Such an inspiring and amazing videos. Hope it made us realize of our own stupidity and ignorance of the world and how we act. Oh,. time to eat already. Gosh, everything was so good that I didn't even took a moment to snap pictures of people eating. It was just SO damn good! I'm saving the food reviews for next post. Anis' Fettuccine Carbonara was damn good!! Cheesy and so creamy, but because of that same reason, it made her full so fast that she can't finish eating it.

Go, go, go!!! Stuff that pasta down your throat!!

Alhamdulillaaaaahh! Habis pown!!!

One more thing! 

All of the foods here have very good presentations that almost everyone's little dish or drinks was being hunted by every camera-holding person. Bloggers turn photographers, I'm telling you.

On our table, even we were queuing to take photos of Kak Lily's cappuccino!

Churros and Chocolate Ganache

While we're having our desserts, finally the event started.  

It started with a little presentation by the DiGi Mr.Soon (was it?) about their HTC model phones on sale, their specs, the awesomeness, their retail recommended prices (RRP) and even their easy payment plans (EPP) (thanks Phillipe for explaining to me what those are). And he also end the presentation with their new and latest HTC phone model Sensation and Evo.

12 lucky Nuffnangers will get to do a phone review for both model. 6 for Sensation, and 6 for Evo. I was one of the lucky six who will be reviewing the HTC Sensation model. Man! I'm excited and scared at the same time because I've never done phone reviews before and I'm actually not that of a good writer..... moreover, it's a review. People would expect great comments about it....But I won't get the phone until later. They will call us later and ask us to come over to the Nuffnang office to take the phone for 1 week and test it out, so that we can write a review on it. I don't know when though.

After the presentation, actually there was a mini game to decided who are the lucky 12 to be doing the reviews. After the mini game, it was time to part. Digi began giving out some freebies to all of the Nuffnangers who attended the event.


After that, it was parting time. And as usual, the bloggers would be exchanging links between one another and so did myself. I exchanged blog links with my dinner mates. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. It was worth it coming over to Petaling Jaya for this event. It was worth it to drive all the way from Ampang, got lost and be there for the event. Seriously Jia Ying, thank you so much!!!!

Don't forget to check out my table mates blog too!

Thanks Nuffnang, The Bee, and Digi!!!!


  1. HEllo there! nice event u had with Nuffnang! CLP oso there ah.. =D


  2. haha... you know a couple of bloggers are in the house when you see everyone taking pictures of their food ;)

  3. yup... bloggers and their photographing obsessions are contagiously addictive!

    kak lily : TrulY~!!!!

    mel : so sorry, I can't remember your were there?


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