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Iftar in Tesco, Semenyih

For iftar today, I actually had not planned anything at all. Which bazaar to go to, what to buy, or even what to  even eat for my break my fast today. Luckily I remembered about the frame which I planned to buy and decorate to give to the school as a contribution to the school. Nothing much, really. We just do the only thing we can with our own resources. Money and the efforts of taking the teachers' photographs. What did I actually planned to do? You'll just have to wait for it to finish then.....

So, because I remembered about the frame, I told CZL to accompany me to go to Taman Pelangi, near the Tesco Semenyih to buy the frame. After some strolling around, we couldn't find any photo shops around the area (well, I lied, because we did find a camera shop, Fujifilm, but the photo frames there were quite small and I didn't wanted it to be that small). So, we decided to hit Tesco instead because I was in high confidence that there'd ba photo shop inside. Fotozzom was it? I've forgotten how it was spelled.

But my confident was too high up on the mountains till it came down crumbling as there were no photo shops inside the Tesco at all. And so we decided to go inside the actual Tesco inside, pressing our luck looking for it, hoping so highly that there be photo frames being sell there.

Before we could even look for it, we got side-tracked with the lantern sale near the furniture department because it was so colorful and both of us couldn't look away.

CZL taught me about the types of lanterns and what it is for. Apparently, there's a difference between each lantern usage. Such as one was use for different festivals and some more are used on another occasion instead.

There's a lot of type of I know. We decided to buy some and play it later on when we're back in Unisel, because CZL thought it would be fun. Walking around Unisel at night holding a lantern. That would be awesome and fun, right?

While she was teaching me about all those lanterns, I did recorded a mini tour about lanterns being sold. It was so spontaneous and we didn't even plan for a script at all. It was just all impromptu speaking. Credit to CZL for making it so believable and not being shy to explain it all. But it was fun. We did even played around with some of the things inside Tesco such as the price scanner machine. You wouldn't believe how childish we were being, playing around. Thankfully, there wasn't much people looking at us, goofing around. I'll post up the video on my Youtube Channel, look it up guys~ Check out also, a few of my other videos inside of it. I have not a lot of it, but at least there's something. Mostly random things of course.....

Next, we finally went looking for the photo frame we were supposed to look for. We did not manage to find the size that I was hoping, a larger size of course, but we did find a moderate size photo frame instead. Well, I guess we would just have to do with what we get. Not being choosy or picky.

After we had found the frame, we went strolling around first before leaving. We went to the diary section and CZL found this damn cheap yogurt which price is only 95cents. Quite a bargain, no?

Then we went strolling around for more things, we stopped by the home department, took an spray paint can to decorate our frame, then to the stationary section and bought this staple bullet remover. I seriously don't know what is the actual name of it. I am merely making something up. I looks like a snake's tooth where you can use it to take out the stapled bullet to the papers easier. CZL had one and I used it before, it was damn useful and easy to use, so she suggested to me to buy it.

Right there and then, we thought, why the heck didn't we took a basket when we entered because our hands were fucking full to even pick up more things. We looked like damn greedy mongrels picking up those things when our hands were full with items.

Finally, we paid all those things at the cashier counter and went looking for a place for me to break my fast. At that time, I was hesitating quite a lot because I was wondering whether or not should I just break my fast there and then at Tesco or bought my foods outside at the nearby Bazaar and head back to their house and iftar there, but then when I asked CZL what was the time, it was already 7pm. I knew that by that time, most stalls would already closed up for their own iftar and so I though we'd better just had dinner there. Between the already fed up with KFC and Old Town, I chose Old Town instead.

Apparently, Old Town had a new meal set, the Nyonya edition where most of the dishes are Baba Nyonya style dishes, such as the Flavored/Kunyit Rice with Curry Chicken, Flavored/Kunyit Rice with Assam Fish, and also some noodles dishes. The rice sets come with some vegetables, fried egg, acar veggie, kuih sagu, and a free drink of any choice provided. CZL ordered the Flavored Rice with Curry Chicken meal and Soya Cincau as her drink, while I ordered my usual favorite at Old Town, Dry Egg Noodle and Steamed Chicken and Mushroom Rice, along with some Kuih Sago for desserts and Iced Honey Lemon for my drink. Also not forgetting my cold drinking water too.

After waiting for a while, our foods and bevs started to come around, one by one.Starting with the drinks.

Then, the dishes started to arrive... 

CZL's Flavored Rice with Chicken Curry meal set

and my Dry Egg Noodle...

....along with the Steamed Chicken and Mushroom Rice...

..and these delicious Kuih Sagu, which although doesn't taste like the original ones, still taste quite good actually...

Chow Time~

We had so much to talk about while dinner and we did took quite our time there as we only left the place around 8.30pm over. Yes, one hour is short, but still we had so much to talk about. I didn't want to go back that late because CZL told me that it is better we head back home early today because it's not good to prowl around during night time during this month....

This month? What is this month? I thought she was talking about the fasting month, but apparently not. She told me about the Ghost Month that has started a couple of weeks already. She told me that the reason why I had those encounter the night before was because of the same reason. I was not one to deny any new knowledge and information, and thus, I heed her words and we took a head back early. We didn't even talked for that long after we got back to their house as she reminded me not to go back home so late. It is in order to avoid anything bad from happening. I respected her concerns and went back early. I managed to got back home by 10.15pm and went quickly inside the house....


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